Tips For Moving Large Items Safely And Efficiently  

moving_washer_dollyMoving day can symbolize an exciting fresh start in life, but it also offers chances for things to go wrong. Large items — such as furniture, refrigerators and pianos — can present unique challenges that may stump you if you’re not prepared. Use these tips for a safe, controlled and productive move.

Personal Safety: Carelessness can end badly if you’re moving a piano that weighs a quarter of a ton. Using reasonable precautions can ensure you don’t end up at the hospital rather than your new home. Try these safety procedures:

  1. Plan plenty of time to move large items to avoid feeling rushed.
  2. Stay protected by wearing sturdy gloves and closed-toe shoes, and use a moving dolly.
  3. Secure all moving parts on each item before moving it.
  4. Don’t move large items alone; enlist plenty of help.
  5. Use straps to make lifting safer and easier.
  6. Employ correct technique while lifting.

If you’re moving a large appliance or musical instrument, you’ll need additional safety precautions. Use these individualized tips for specialized items:

  1. When moving appliances, secure electrical cords to prevent tripping hazards.
  2. Never attempt to move a piano up or down a staircase without professional assistance.
  3. Thoroughly defrost refrigerators and freezers to prevent leakage during the move.

Damage Prevention: Moving can be hazardous for furniture, too. When else will it get the chance to squeeze through narrow doorways, spend time in a moving vehicle, and move past numerous sharp objects? To keep your furniture from becoming a casualty, try these protective techniques:Wrap with padding, such as moving blankets, to protect vulnerable surfaces.

  1. Wrap removable parts and transport them separately.
  2. Measure doorways and other tight spots in advance to make sure there’s enough room.
  3. Choose rope rather than tape when securing padding (tape may damage a delicate finish).

Once again, specialized large items may require additional care. Use any of these tips that apply to your belongings:

  1. Remove detachable piano legs before moving the piano (even if the legs have wheels).
  2. Close and lock piano lid (if applicable).
  3. Fasten piano securely to the truck’s wall with straps.
  4. Be sure grandfather clocks are moved in an upright position to protect glass from stress.
  5. Carefully remove or secure heavy moving parts for a grandfather clock and cushion with soft wrappings.
  6. Wear soft cotton gloves while handling internal clock parts.
  7. Keep refrigerators upright while moving, if at all possible.
  8. If a refrigerator must be moved horizontally, rest it on the side away from the discharge tube and prop the top end up.
  9. Tilt washing machines while draining them before a move (tilting the machine to the back can improve draining).

Ease and Efficiency: Moving often takes longer than planned because of unavoidable delays, but you can minimize any inconvenience by being well-prepared. By implementing some of these tricks, you can make moving day less stressful and make your moving company’s job easier, too.Take measurements of all furniture in advance to help movers plan each truckload.

  1. Slide rather than carry heavy items whenever possible.
  2. Use gliding casters to slide more easily and protect floors.
  3. Make use of blankets as slings to help slide long, low items.
  4. Put larger belongings, such as furniture, in the truck first.

After the move is complete and your large items are in their final positions, you’ll need to replace any parts that are removed. Some items will need special care after a move, too. A refrigerator moved horizontally should rest at least 24 hours so its coolant can settle, and a piano will require professional tuning to get it back into condition. Once the large items are situated, it’s time to unpack your moving boxes and get settled in your new home!

About Author: Chris Crompton is a marketing manager for Transit Systems Inc., a leader in the freight and shipping industry since 1989. Transit Systems offers professional service and low rates on long distance small moves and shipments.