Growing from Young Child to a Teenager .. How Best to Maximize Kids Rooms

child roomMaximize Kids RoomsWhen children are born, parents are excited to decorate an infants room that will inspire the infant, increase its learning potential and also create a safe and soothing environment to give the baby peace. As children mature, these rooms change to reflect the age, the interests and the desires of the particular child. However, kids already require a change of clothes as they outgrow their existing outfits. They also require a change in school as they mature. And they also may require different equipment or investments of time for sports and other activities.


If kids required this much to keep them growing and evolving their interests, then is there a way to maximize their bedroom space with furniture and items that will continue to grow with them. Leveraging bedroom furniture that is not trendy but functional and traditional in nature can grow from one age to the next. While maybe changing out the bedding to meet the needs of the growing child.

Also incorporating standard desks, but switching out chairs as the kids continue to grow. Even leveraging a larger chair that the child can grow into. But adding a cushion to it to help the child reach the desk. Even adding a sitting and standing desk component like a Versa Desk can help as the child grows.


Keeping walls a neutral color can also help with managing the details of the room. Even though paint is fairly affordable. We all know what kids will put photos, posters, homework or any other sort of interests on their walls that may cover the walls themselves hiding the color of the walls. Keeping walls neutral can also help kids add different items to the walls to change out what they are expressing during different periods of their childhood.

Even using items that they craft for school can be added to their walls. Which can also reduce the expenses to the decorating of the room. What better way to showcase a child’s interest and build their confidence, then highlighting their work in their room.


Shelves are a great way to highlight the ever growing child. These shelves may hold prized stuffed animals and Dr. Seuss books. Then hold trophies for accomplishments and chemistry books. Or these shelves will hold art work and musical instruments or a homecoming photo. Using shelves to showcase the ever changing interests of the child can be a cost effective way of helping your child leverage the same space and room from infant to teenager,