How to Create a Carefully Crafted Workspace

So many people perform work or hobbies from home. You may work for a company that allows work from home hours. Or you work from home running your own company. Your home may be a home base, but you travel to different locations for work. You may be a hobbyist that is looking to create a work space that suits you specific hobby’s need. With any of these responsibilities, a good and carefully crafted work space is important.

These work spaces can make your efficient and productive. These work spaces will need specific dimensions for specific hobby equipment. These spaces will need specific elements that help define how you perform your duties.

Work from Home

If you work from home,  you need a space that allows you privacy. Privacy to make calls or participate in conference or video calls. A desk will be needed to give you freedom to use your computer or read documents that require your input. Access to electricity, WIFI and phones are necessary to make any computer or phone work to conduct business. For most home offices, you need specific items to perform your job. Learn about tips to organizing and designing your home office to determine what you need to be effective.

carefully crafted work space

Running a Business From Home

Running a business from home generally involves accounting, returning calls or emails and storing the items you need to perform your job. If you run a construction company from your home, you will most likely need the tools to perform your job. Hammers, nail guns, paint rollers and more to effectively keep your clients happy. You may have a truck that can store most of these items, but having a work space at home will be beneficial. You can store some items that you do not need immediately at home. While taking the necessary items with you to the project site.

These work bench areas are also good for a hobbyist who likes working with wood. A furniture maker or hobbyist will benefit from having a work space that can support the power and non power tools needed to create a hand crafted gem.

carefully crafted work space


For the pottery hobbyist, a good space with enough light to work is important. Pottery hobbyists also need a sturdy floor that can withstand the clay that may fall on the floor. A tile floor can easily be cleaned versus a carpeted floor. When working with clay to create pottery, an electric pottery wheel is needed. This pottery wheel helps to craft the shape of the pieces. Having enough space to store and work on this pottery wheel will be important when designating an area in the home to create treasures.

carefully crafted work space


Similar to a pottery enthusiast, a painter will need lots of light to focus on the color of their masterpiece. Additionally and similarly to a pottery space, a painter can easily spill paint. Therefore, using durable floors that can be cleaned easily will be important when assigning a painter’s studio. Lots of windows, durable floor and peace and quiet will give a painter the ability to create their masterpiece.

carefully crafted work space


Gardeners love their plants and flowers. If you do not already have a greenhouse, creating a gardener’s work space can be simple. It can be designed in a variety of areas throughout the house. A section in the garage with easy access to outside makes a great location for a gardener’s work space. Even a mud room area or something off the kitchen can work. If there is enough space, using an area outside is ideal for gardeners. Most gardeners need a solid flat surface to work and containers or peg board to store shoves, gloves and soil. If a sink or hose are nearby, this could be helpful when watering plants or simple clean up.

carefully crafted work space


Many homeowners love creating their own decorations, photo albums or clothes. Some crafters like to create home decor out of recycled pieces. While some crafters like to design elements of there life around paper products. The sewers in the group get excited about designing a drapery or a dress for out on the town. Each of these craft oriented hobbies need space to store the items to create the piece. Whether paper is stacked or thread is stored, these items tend to be smaller and require organization. A craft work space may be different than others due to the smaller objects that need multiple storage areas.

carefully crafted work space 1