The Psychology of Color on Interior Design

You may have a favorite color, but would you use that favorite color to decorate the inside of your home? This infographic from IMI Design helps us understand the psychology of color. Because color and its impact on our behavior, our mood and even our eating habits is important when considering interior design projects. And yes, I said eating habits. If you want to lose weight, paint your rooms a specific color and avoid others.


In this infographic you will learn the explanations of the some of the most popular colors. And how those colors affect who we are. You will be surprised at how colors can affect our behavior. When you learn about these colors, it will help you when making interior color decisions. When you are ready to make design or remodel changes to your home, remember the specific mood a color can put you in. If you feel overwhelmed with choosing what color to use, you can ask an interior designer to help you.

Interior Designers

Many interior designers are familiar with the psychology of color on interior design. Share your family habits, behaviors and moods with your interior designer. He or she will then be able to find the best color that will make your home express your personality and style.


psychology of color