7 Must Have Furniture Pieces Every Home Needs

furniture piecesHave your ever thought of those furniture pieces you must have versus all the other nice to have pieces that take up space? We have. We thought about all the furniture that we have in our homes and talked about what pieces were definite must haves. Our team challenged all kinds of living scenarios, like who has kids and who doesn’t. Who lives in a large place and a small place. We look into consideration lifestyles like who works from home, who cooks and who doesn’t. We definitely dug deep to find what we think are best pieces to have in every home. Here are the seven must have furniture pieces we though every home needs. 

Comfortable Bed

Sleep is very important to our health and our well being. So we all agreed that a comfortable bed was critical to all homes. The size of the bed varies and having beds for all family members is a must. We also recommended comfortable linens for a solid night’s sleep. A bed can be a great sitting area if need be, but we truly recommend a separate space for your bed. A separate space will ensure a more relaxing sleep.

Side Table or Night Stand

Along with the bed, a side table or night stand can hold phones, keys, alarm clocks and more. A night stand can hold a reading light which does come in handy when you need to do some late night work or get to sleep with a good book. A night stand is small in nature and does not take up a lot of space making it very functional. Some night stands have cabinets or shelves to store other items that may need to be reached quickly.

Sitting Piece

A sofa or love seat is great if you can fit in your home. This essential furniture piece is very useful when guests come over or you are entertaining. If a sofa or love seat do not fit in your space, then futons, over sized chairs and other sitting pieces can go a long way to relaxing people. Having a sitting area gives your guests the opportunity to connect with you without feeling like being rushed out of your home.

Coffee Table

Adding a coffee table to your sitting area makes it easy for people, including yourself, to set a drink down. A coffee table is also a great conversation piece. You can put books, games, your favorite candle and more on the coffee table to get people engaged. If you love games, a coffee table is great for solving puzzles, cards and board games.


Everyone needs to take a second look before heading out the door. You may need to keep that hair styled, remove lipstick or spinach from a tooth, or just take a quick glance to tell yourself you look good before heading out. A mirror can also make a room look larger if you have a small space. It can also reflect the sunshine for more light in your home.

Table or Bar Area

Maybe you love to cook or you work from home and do not have a home office. A table or bar area near your kitchen is important. You can slow down and appreciate your meal. You can share a meal with family members or friends. Working from home can be made easier with a table to rest your computer in order to work. This can be an area where you share a drink with a neighbor.

One Piece of Artwork

As we live in our homes, them become the very reflection of us. We have an opportunity to showcase one special piece that means a lot to us. With one special piece of art that hangs on a wall, sits on a shelf or table or is placed in another location of our homes, we get the opportunity share our love of special places and thoughts with others. One special piece of artwork has the ability to make our home ours.