5 Things I Wish I knew Before I Started My Home Design Project

home design projectCreating a home design project is exciting and thrilling. As homeowners, we get to personalize our space and homes to meet our needs and desires. We get to add our own personality to our homes. This is just plain fun! But there are things that homeowners wish they knew before they started their home design projects. Here are the things I wish I knew before I started my home design project.

What is Trendy vs What Will Last

I wish I knew what was going to last and what was trendy and may not fit for years to come. I made some design choices that I thought would be fun and different for me, but realized that shortly after adding these details to my home, I did not like them. Or they felt like they annoyed me. Some of these design decisions were expensive. Therefore, I felt like I had to live with what I did not like or waste money. I felt like I was in a lose lose situation. Now I do more research before making final design decisions.

What Cleaning is Needed

Sometimes, we incorporate design elements into our home and do not realize the kind of maintenance that is required. For instance, sealing travertine, marble and granite countertops and floors will help them last longer and keep them from staining. Each of these stones are porous and can pick up stains easily which means more maintenance to keep them from being damaged.

Adding blinds and window treatments that need to be bolted onto the walls can also be challenging. Some blinds are easy to clean like shutters, while others require removal and a delicate touch. Same goes for draperies. If you have bolted draperies, you cannot bring them down to clean them. You need to climb a ladder and clean them which takes longer to do.

White cabinets are also a fun treat. White always gets dirty, especially in a kitchen. It is constant clean up.

Make sure when you are choosing your finishes and design elements that you understand how to clean them and what is required.

What Colors are Versatile

Some people like their rooms to stand out, so they choose bright and bold colors. These are great to add to a room, but make sure you like the colors. I also like to change up my design with little elements which cost less than full pieces of furniture. So using neutral furniture or walls can be enhanced by colorful accents and draperies.

I made the mistake of having a lot of red. A color I love and works in my home. But changing it up is tough. I like knowing that I can use pieces for a long time so that I can spend my money wisely. Red and other bold colors have their limitations. While gray, taupe, and other neutral colors can last a whole lot longer.

How do I Use my Rooms

This is important in any home. Knowing how you will use your rooms and the flow of the traffic in and out of your rooms will help you with your design. Will furniture block an entrance? Is a room open to another room creating flow and a pattern of design? Do I have a lot of windows that create a lot of light when the sun shines in causing glare?

These questions and others are important to understand how your design will impact your home and your flow of your family members.


I wish I had crafted a budget up front of my home design projects. Knowing what I wanted to enhance or change in my house and knowing all the projects and what they cost would have helped with managing my budgets over a period of time. I would have prioritized specific projects first and then moved onto others after I had completed another project.

Tracking my budget is also a way to slow me down in the effort to update my home giving me more time to think about what I really want.

Bonus: Evolution of Technology

With all the smart home technology and home automation happening on the market, I wish I had more details about what technology that was going to be important to me. Doing my research about technology and smart home devices, helps me gain more perspective as to what I need in my home and what I do not need.

I hope these tips help you when you are considering home design projects.