Home Cleaning Tip: For No More Dust Wash Glassware on Open Shelves

Wash Glassware on Open Shelves Open or glass shelving has great appeal to homeowners. This type of shelving allows us to display glassware, special mementos, serving pieces and more. The items on these shelves are meant to be used, but sometimes we forget to use the items or will not use them as frequently. For instance, wine glasses are often forgotten until we have that special dinner or party.  

Some people have wine and bar glasses stored on these open shelves because the sparkle of the crystal makes a great display. However, these glasses will only sparkle if they are clean. If these glasses are not frequently used, a layer of dust can build up. And that is not an attractive view of our homes and cabinets. So let’s remove the dust and wash glassware on open shelves.

Periodically, you want to take the glasses down and wash them. If they are washed periodically, these glasses are ready to go when friends and family stop by unexpectedly for a cocktail.

How to clean your stemware

You can wash and dry your glasses by hand. While manufacturers say that their stemware is dishwasher safe.  Check with each manufacturer of your stemware to determine the best method for cleaning.  We like adding a little white vinegar to our soapy water to help the glasses shine. When you wash your glasses, be sure to rinse them thoroughly.  You want to make sure there is no suds or vinegar residue that could impact the taste of your wine.

An extra step to sparkle

Sometimes washing and drying is not often enough to get those wine and cocktails glasses looking perfect.  The key to sparkling glasses is polishing them. Not with car wax or anything like that … here is how.

Using a lint free microfiber towel, you can get off those hard water spots and smudges sometimes left after washing and drying them. Make sure you get the inside of the wine glass, the stem and base, and the most important part is the rim.  You definitely want to remove any potential lipstick smudges. This will make your stemware sparkle and look fantastic.

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