Decorating for Fall on a Small Budget

Decorating for FallWith summer moving its way out, fall gives us a time to get cozy. The weather turns cooler, the leaves change color and kids are back in school. With fall’s rich colors of gold, red, orange, rust, and brown, it is a great time to change our home decor to sync up with these rich fall colors. Decorating for fall on a small budget does not require too much thought. There are items around and in your home that could make decorating on a budget easy.

Use Nature to Your Advantage

Using natural items found outside your home like pine cones and fallen branches, can add a natural effect to your fall decorating. You can also look inside your home. Remember those old spices that you just do not use? They can come in handy during the season before you decide to throw them out. Use these spices in dishes or at the base of a jar to hold twigs. There may be a little scent left in those spices that could also enhance your seasonal home.  Decorating with nature adds an element of creativity and a treasure hunt with no costs.

Make a Visit to your Local Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins, apples, and gourds are great decorating features for fall. These types of decor are seasonal, affordable and can be eaten when all is done. Double win for anyone trying to save money for the upcoming holidays. Making pumpkin or apple pies for Thanksgiving makes an easy use for these fruits after they have fulfilled their decorating obligation.

Use a Simple Tip on Old Items

Before you throw out that old pot or those plastic food trays, buy a can of spray paint. Gold metallic or brushed bronze are the perfect colors for fall. Using a can of spray paint to to make an old pot new again or a plastic tray look like you just made a trip to Home Goods is a perfect quick and easy decorating task. Using different types of spray paint can also create new looks for different areas in your home. You may decide that the spray paint will freshen up old items in your home that you think look old. Be careful when you paint, the spray can get everywhere.

Visit a Yard or Garage Sale

A local flea market or garage sales give us an opportunity to find great items for less. Remember that someone’s junk might be someone else’s treasure. Take a little time out of your day to check out these shopping options. Bring cash as many of these homeowners do not take credit and you definitely do not want to miss out on the special piece that is calling your name.

With these simple tips, you can be sure to manage your budget and make your home feel as cozy and warm as the fall season brings.