Native American Inspired Decor

Native American Inspired DecorThanksgiving is almost near and what better way to celebrate the original people of the United States, then with a post focused on Native American inspired decor. When it comes to the indigenous population of the United States, there are multiple tribes of Native Americans. Each coming from a different location in the US. Therefore, decor inspired by Native American cultures will vary depending on the location and type of tribe you are interested in showcasing in your home.

There are however, four keys areas of Native American inspired decor that are a starting point to design.

Earthbound Nature

Native Americans are a population that is one with nature. Many of their belief systems focus on the natural order and nature’s elements. Getting outside will help inspire you to think like a Native American. If you live in mountainous regions, you can add wood elements to your design from fallen trees. You may get inspired from regions with red clay. The red adds elements of life in desert regions.

Native American Inspired Decor


Along with red clay, there are other colors that remind us of our Native American brothers and sisters. Tans that represent hides turned into clothes. Stones of blue turquoise that radiate on walls, on pottery or framed jewelry. Using white from bone or feathers reminds us to not waste the items we use. Leathers are rich and also are representative of the animal hides used to house and clothe the Native American population.

Native American Inspired Decor

Wood and Stone

Adding wood and stone to any home is bringing nature inside the home. Wood and stone have the power to ground our minds which can turn our design into healthy living.  Adding stone can also act as seating areas both inside or outside your home. Adding nature’s elements to your yard can also bring an amazing native inspiration to outdoor living.

Native American Inspired Design

Local Finds

When you visit an area of the US, you may find tribes willing to sell accessories that represent their tribe’s history.  Beautifully spears, head dresses, rugs and even furniture can bring a distinct look to your home. Pottery is often crafted by Native Americans and this pottery is rich in color and will provide a stand out piece for your home’s visitors.

Native American Inspired Design

Adding Native American inspired decor starts by appreciating the land from which all nature comes from. And adding these natural elements will make your home a stand out for all to see.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and may your days be blessed with gratitude.