Love Your Home: Home Improvement Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Love Your Home: Home Improvement Ideas that Won't Break the BankHome.

It can mean many things to many people; the physical place where those you love reside, a certain area of the world where you either choose to or long to live, and/or even a philosophical idea of a place that’s desirable to be (that may or may not be tangible).

Throughout the ages, the love of home and the desire to have a place of rest and refuge has driven men and women to fight against invaders, to leave everything they knew in search for a better home to call their own and unfortunately to take “homes” from other peoples.

It’s no surprise then, with such a strong, seemingly innate desire to find a pleasant place to live, that people do everything they can to make the place they call home better.

And one of the most common ways people improve their homes is through renovations.

In fact, a survey conducted by the home improvement website Houzz in 2017, showed that in 2016 millennials (individuals aged 25-34) spent an average of more than $60,000 in renovating their homes – nearly matching what they spent the year previous.

You don’t, however, have to drop tens of thousands of dollars showing your home – and your family – some love; the following home improvement ideas could be just the ticket to a home that you love and enjoy even more than you do now…at a fraction of the cost of a full blown renovation:


Considered one of the priciest rooms to renovate, it can seem overwhelming to think about replacing everything in the kitchen.

Fortunately, unless the kitchen is completely unusable, you can save money by focusing more on the details than shifting the entire floorplan.

  • – Replace countertops
  • – Resurface cabinets
  • – Resurface or replace cabinet doors
  • – Replace the hardware on your cabinets (handles and hinges)
  • – Look for custom pantry and cabinet storage ideas/companies
  • – Change the backsplash 
  • – Install under cabinet lighting

A popular kitchen style is an “open” kitchen. Rather than tear down walls – which can get very expensive – see if removing any doors between your kitchen and dining room can lend a more “open” feel to the space.

Note: Most home improvement stores offer DIY kits and expert advice on just about anything you may want to change about your home.


Another top choice among home renovations is the bathroom. Simple – and inexpensive – things you can do to renovate your home’s bathroom(s) include:

  • – Buy a new shower head
  • – Install shower doors if you have curtains
  • – Bring your shower doors back to life with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar before deciding whether or not to replace them
  • – Refinish your porcelain bathtub for around $200 to $300 dollars
    – Replace or refinish the bathroom cabinetry and/or countertop (including fittings)
  • – Combine stylish tiles on the walls and floor around the bath/shower area with paint in the remainder of the bathroom to reduce costs
  • – Add storage such as a linen closet for the towels, bathroom products, etc. or simple “floating” shelves if you don’t have enough room
  • – Add accents such as matching toothbrush holders, cups, silk flowers, etc. easily and inexpensively freshening up your bathroom space


One of the easier rooms to remodel are bedrooms. The right combination of color, texture and lighting can make a significant impact on a bedroom.

  • – Create an accent wall – paint two opposing walls (the most narrow of all four walls) a different color than the other two walls (which should be a neutral color). This makes the room seem larger than it is.
  • – Add mirrors or artwork to your closet doors. Use track lighting inside your closet and plenty of shelving units to help with organization. 
  • – Paint the back wall of your closet for a surprising bit of color every time you open the doors.
  • – Install a new ceiling light fixture and/or add soft, ambient light 
  • – Add a ceiling fan to help with air movement and temperature control
  • – Use a large rug under your bed and nightstand to draw the eye away from unattractive flooring
  • – Add beautiful duvet covers, shams and fluffy pillows on a new mattress to make each bedroom feel serene and peaceful

Finally, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all of the great renovation ideas out there. Simply start your renovation efforts with what annoys you the most and slowly work your way around your home until you’re satisfied with the results.

Then, just enjoy being home.