HomeZada Project Management Gets Better

With the help of our customers, HomeZada continues to improve on its solution. HomeZada has added an “actions” tab to the home improvement projects. These actions enhance project management with regards to repair, design and remodel projects. This new ‘Actions’ tab on the Projects page allows you to have a simple action list of all the actions you need to complete for that specific project. You can create as many of these action reminders and then use a simple Yes/ No to help you remember which ones are complete and which ones still need to be completed.

Remodel Project Actions

Each remodel or renovation you take on can be done by either hiring a contractor or by doing it yourself. With this new Actions feature, we also enhanced all of our project templates to include an amazing starting point for you. When you create a project using one of HomeZada’s templates, there is a “Hire a Contractor” or “DIY Project” choice. These choices automatically create an Actions list for you for the specific project.

HomeZada Project Management Gets Better

Hire a Contractor or DIY Project

When you select “Hire a Contractor”, HomeZada gives you a series of best practice actions to make sure your hiring of a contractor goes smoothly. There are actions to remind you to do some upfront product research and budgeting, find some qualified contractors, get multiple bids, perform customer references and insurance, and then manage the contractor. A suggested sequence is also provided as the more you know about your project, the better off you are when talking to potential contractors. You can also edit our default action list to add your own actions or delete ones that don’t apply to you or your project.

HomeZada Project Management Gets Better

For projects that are “DIY”, we give you some upfront best practice actions to establish a design, product selection and choices. Then if you want, you can use the ‘Actions’ tab to list all of the different demolition and installation tasks you need to do based on the products and material you chose for your project.

HomeZada Project Management Gets Better

Many customers have asked for this kind of feature in the past, so we are pleased to be able to provide this easy to use new ‘Actions’ feature. This feature assists you when managing home projects. Whether you are in wish list stage or getting started on your project, HomeZada wants to assist you in getting actions completed and managing projects within budget.

Get Started with this Video

To discover more about this new addition to projects, view this video to assist you in getting started.

Lastly, because we continuously look to make enhancements to our digital home management solution, please let us know what you would like to see and we can review it and potentially add it to our enhancement requests.