DIY Backyard Wedding: How to Make it a Perfect Day

backyard weddingAccording to ValuePenguin, the cost of a wedding in 2017 cost around $20K and up…to as much as $88K+ in Manhattan!

Not everyone wants to (or can afford to) spend that much, so many brides and grooms opt to manage a lot of the wedding details themselves.

And among millennials especially, the bride and groom want their special day to be a memorable one for their guests, so many couples opt to create an experience that their friends and family will talk about on social media and amongst themselves, long after the event.

Nature’s cathedral

For as long as people have pledged their lives to each other, weddings have been held outside in gardens, parks, beaches…wherever nature provides a beautiful backdrop to the wedding event.

Backyards are an economical, yet still beautiful option for many brides and grooms. In fact, a backyard wedding is currently a huge trend, in part because they can be less expensive.

If you and your significant other are planning to tie the knot, here are some ideas to help you cut down on your expenses…which of course means more money to create a memorable honeymoon!

♥Snag talented friends and family to help

As much as you may want to do everything yourself, sometimes it’s smarter – and a better use of your time – to get someone to help.

Everything from decor, to lighting, to music and food can be outsourced to family or friends, in lieu of a wedding gift. 

♥Splurge on the right things

Plan to spend perhaps a bit more on things that will make your guests comfortable and help them have fun. For example, a tent – with tent fans – that can easily accommodate all of your guests is a great idea – especially if you live in an area prone to sudden showers and warm days.

And of course one or two portable restrooms…whatever you have room for…is well worth the cost. 

♥Borrow…or trade, whenever possible

While you could probably rent or buy everything you need, you can cut costs by borrowing items you need or using your skills to trade for what you need.

For example let’s say you’re an accountant or a web designer and you need some landscaping done. Find a good landscaper and offer your skills in trade for theirs…it’s a win-win for you and them.

♥Don’t forget parking

Your parking needs of course will vary on your guest size. Ask your neighbors for their help or perhaps offer a donation to the local church to borrow their parking lot for the big day.

If necessary, ask for volunteers to act as a shuttle service between your home and the parking lot.

♥Music and lighting

The music and lighting for your backyard wedding set the mood for the entire day.

Choose soft lighting such as twinkle lights or freestanding lights to lend a little romance. If you have a DJ, confirm that he has the style of music you prefer and has experience playing at weddings.

Another option would be to use an audio streaming site, (e.g. Spotify) to play music, with a family or friend volunteering to play DJ. You could ask friends and family via social media before the wedding for their favorite songs and sprinkle them in throughout the evening.

This is an easy, and memorable way to make all of your friends and family feel included.


Disposable cameras on every table…photo booth for guests…these are a couple of ways to make your special day memorable.

And if there’s anything you probably won’t regret splurging on, it’s the photos.

Hire a professional – or a friend/family member who is very good at video and photography – to record all of the fun and festivities.

With a lot of planning, some help from friends and family, and a lot of hard work, your backyard wedding will be a magical day you’ll always remember.

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