How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your Child

How to Make a Special Reading Nook for Your ChildNow that the kids are back in school and your household routine is back to “normal”, your kids are probably already coming home with assigned reading tasks.

But with the constant allure of the television, computer and video games, it can be hard getting them to sit down and actually read their books.

How do you make sure they focus on what they need to, without constantly nagging them to read?

By creating a special place for reading they can call their own.

Types of reading nooks

You don’t have to spend a fortune creating a reading nook for your child…with a few ideas and some things you probably already have on hand, you can create a space that will inspire even the most reluctant reader to crack open a book.


If you’re short on money or space you don’t have to make a permanent change to your home. It’s possible to create a space for reading that can be changed at a moment’s notice, instead of making it a permanent fixture in your home.


If you’ve got the budget or have the skills to do it yourself, building a reading nook can add value to your home when or if you choose to sell.


If possible, choose an area for your child’s reading nook that will allow them some privacy and is away from the busy (and noisy) parts of the home.

Some examples:

Your child’s bedroom

Choose an unused corner or your child’s room – or even the floor of their closet – for their special reading nook. Spread a warm rug on the floor, prop fluffy pillows all around and hang some twinkle lights inside a small hanging tent or teepee for more privacy.

Empty spaces

If your child’s room is too small for a reading nook look around your house for spaces that aren’t being used, or which can be changed to make room for a reading nook.

  • ⬥ stairwell landing
  • ⬥ unused fireplace
  • ⬥ end of a hallway
  • ⬥ inside a large cupboard or on a large shelf
  • ⬥ a corner of the living room
  • ⬥ a window nook

What to include in a reading nook


Whether it’s cute, cloth covered boxes, plastic bins or wooden shelves, make sure your little learners have a place for their books.  

Comfortable seating

There’s probably something you already have around the house that can be used to create comfortable seating for your child.

  • ⬥ body pillows
  • ⬥ cushions from an old couch
  • ⬥ thick fluffy rugs
  • ⬥ old blankets
  • ⬥ old crib mattress
  • ⬥ bean-bags


Adequate lighting is important for the health of your child’s eyes.

Natural lighting is the best, but if that’s not a possibility, opt for strings of soft twinkle lights, clip on lights or even light fixtures such as wall sconces or floor lamps.

Child flashlights or headlamps can add to the thrill of reading when your child tucks themselves in their reading nook…making it feel almost like a secret clubhouse!

Ideas for creating a quick and easy special reading nook

  • ⬥ a small inflatable pool filled with pillows
  • ⬥ a round canopy placed over a bean-bag, body pillow, blanket, etc.
  • ⬥ an area that’s sectioned off with a dresser or bookshelf
  • ⬥ a themed nook (e.g. a tent for camping, sturdy boxes for a castle, etc.)
  • ⬥ a swinging chair hanging from the ceiling

Finally, ask your child for her input on what she would like for her special reading nook…you might be surprised at what a child’s imagination can dream up!