Managing Vacation Homes Using These Simple Tips

Managing Vacation Homes Using These Simple TipsFor many folks out there managing vacation homes can be challenging. When will I arrive at my vacation home? What can I leave in my vacation? Who will use it when I am not using it? All of these questions and more often present themselves when owning a vacation home.

When if comes to vacation homes, there are several key areas that are worth focusing on that can protect our homes for our next trip.

Whether you have a vacation home a couple of hours away at the nearby beach, lake, or mountains or whether you have homes in a different country, managing the details of your property is important.

Establish a Home Inventory

When you track the contents of your home, as well as, all the fixtures in your home, you will have a record of what was in the home from your last visit. Tracking your home details in a home inventory is important to ensure that on your next visit, everything is still in your home. This is also important if you lend or rent out your home to others. Sometimes, things break or get misplaced. A home inventory will help you identify what is still in your home.

Schedules to Care for your Vacation Home

Just because you are not using your vacation home several months of the year, your home still needs to be cared for. Whether you choose to make periodic visits, perform all the tasks on your next visit, or you choose to hire out during your time away, it is important to establish a schedule for home maintenance and care.

You may find a home concierge maintenance service or house manager in your area that can take care of your vacation home along with many others. They can perform tasks while you are away. These organizations can also document these tasks to make sure you have a record of what has been completed while you were away.

Tracking a home maintenance schedule also helps you understand the care of your home and what it takes to care for your home annually. This helps you establish an annual budget for home care.

Track your Contractors or Vendors

When you own a vacation home, you generally do not live so near to this vacation home that you can always use the same vendors that care for your primary home. Using solutions like HomeZada, you can track all the different vendors and know who is used for which home. Life just got a whole lot easier!

Check out this video to learn more about these key tips on using HomeZada to assist you in tracking your vacation homes.