How to Set Up a Home Management System

How to Set Up a Home Management System

Here you are again…sitting in the drive-thru, waiting on your order before rushing home to put something on the table.

Your plan to create a delicious, nutritious dinner for your family has failed again.

Why does this keep happening?

Perhaps it’s because you don’t have a home management system.

Or because the one you’ve created isn’t working for you and your family.

There is hope.

Begin by assessing your current schedule. What’s working, what isn’t working? Then, make a list of what you’d like it to look like.

While you can’t change some things about your schedule it’s important to focus only on those things that you can change. After setting out your strict guidelines such as your work hours, then play around with other time that is more discretionary.

For example, would it make more sense to get up a half hour – or even an hour – before everyone else in the house to prepare your day?

If so, plan to go to bed earlier than normal so you’ll get enough rest yet still be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Home management tips

Set yourself some strict guidelines that you and those in your household will follow to help put these home management tips into practice.

Because if you just read them and fail to implement them you’ll be no better off than before.

Do it Now Principle

Adopt the “do it now” principle.

This simply means that if you or someone in your household sees that something needs to be done, and it can be done in two minutes or less, then do it.

For example, toys lying on the floor can be quickly picked up and placed where they need to go on your way to do something else.

Or if you make a cup of tea, the tea bag gets thrown straight away rather than sitting on the counter.

Household needs

Make a list of the major things that need to be done every day to keep your home running well.

  • ⬥ Feed the family
  • ⬥ Keep the family clean
  • ⬥ Keep the home clean
  • ⬥ Pay your bills on time
  • ⬥ Meet your obligations (e.g. Scouts, church, volunteering, etc.)


The manner in which you resolve these needs is where the “rubber meets the road” in terms of efficiency and happiness of everyone in the household.

Put “systems” in place that will help you do everything that needs to be done.

Your home management system won’t be exactly like your neighbors’, and that’s how it should be. You want yours to fit your needs because that’s the only way you’ll actually use it!

Home management tools

Family calendar

The family calendar is the hub of everything that’s happening in your home so it needs to be placed in a prominent location (e.g. the kitchen).

Every family member should be able to look at the calendar and instantly see what’s happening that day and/or week/month.

Set a schedule

While there are some things that need to be done daily such as cooking and/or washing dishes, a schedule for your home doesn’t need to be as rigid as one set for a business.

Many families and household managers use block scheduling to stay on top of their priorities.

This method involves setting aside chunks of time for things to get done.

So for example, let’s say you rise at 6 am every morning before the rest of the household gets up.

Here’s what that first “block” of time could look like for you:

6 am – 8 am

  • ⬥ Get up, dressed and groomed
  • ⬥ Coffee
  • ⬥ Check emails
  • ⬥ Wake kids up
  • ⬥ Pack lunches
  • ⬥ Out the door to work and school

This could be known as your “morning” block.

Then the rest of your day would be broken down into different chunks of time based on where you’re at (work, school, dinner, homework, etc.).

This simplifies your scheduling and is the easiest type of scheduling to do because it can fit so easily into what you’re already doing.

Don’t forget to include time for relaxing and spending time together as a family as part of your everyday schedule.

Home management binder

A home management binder is a useful way to keep track of everything you need for your household to run well.

A binder can be a physical planner or notebook that you create or it could be a digital organizer specifically designed to help you run your household.

Whichever format you choose, use the following categories to help you stay on top of everything you need to run your home like a well-oiled machine.:

  • ⬥ Household and personal schedules
  • ⬥ Cleaning and organizing
  • ⬥ Important information
  • ⬥ Food and meal planning
  • ⬥ Health and fitness
  • ⬥ Budget and finances
  • ⬥ Goals (health, business, personal, etc.)
  • ⬥ Ideas for date night, family fun night
  • ⬥ Home maintenance/projects

Finally, the only home management system that will work for you is the one that you will do.

To improve the chance of your new home management system becoming a habit, don’t do a complete overhaul of the current systems you have (which you do have, believe it or not).

Instead, try adding one new change at a time to the good habits you already have. Also remember to toss out what doesn’t work for you.