Reasons Why You Should Build A Custom Home

Let’s get this out of the way: buying an existing house is always a smart way of owning a home. It’s relatively stress-free, since all you have to do is wait for the papers to come through, and you’ll have your dream home.

There are just a lot of things about building a custom home that make it so much more special. Here are some reasons why you should build a custom home.

You can personalize your home

One thing about buying an existing home is that you didn’t build it, which means you had no say whatsoever in its design or even its paint color. If you have a house built from the ground up, everything will be as you say. Your dream home will be an extension of yourself, and it will be apparent in its layout, cabinets, flooring, sinks, doorknobs, lighting, and of course, paint colors.

You can build where you want

When you’re just buying a home, you don’t have much of a choice when it comes to location. It’s different when you build a custom house. You can hunt for a suitable lot which is located near schools, or one in very good neighborhoods. Then once you’ve found the right lot, you can start the process of building your dream home.

The materials will be all new

Unless you make a conscious decision to build your custom home using old and recycled materials, the house you’re going to build will be made entirely of fresh and spanking-new wood, steel, bricks, electric cables, and other types of materials. With all-new materials, your custom home is bound to last so much longer than a 10-year old house being sold on the market.

It will go with your lifestyle

You may fall in love with an existing home, but there isn’t any assurance that the house will go with your lifestyle. It may be a big house, but it may not be big enough to accommodate the people you expect to show up for those parties you love to throw. An existing house may look great, but it doesn’t have the space for a yoga studio. Or a backyard big enough to host a weekend barbecue.

Build a custom home, and you can put in everything you want that is in keeping with your lifestyle.

Now if you’re entertaining the idea of building a custom house, you might want to check out the infographic below to find out what you need to consider before going through with it.


About the Author

Victoria Grace is the Content Specialist for Nucleus Construction, a Phoenix-based company that specializes in remodeling and building custom homes. When not writing, she enjoys reading books and riding her motorcycle.