5 Easy DIY Kitchen Countertops

One of the biggest impacts you can make to your kitchen is to change out your kitchen countertops.

There are more options available to homeowners now than ever before, many of them very DIY friendly.

1. Laminate

This isn’t your grandmother’s laminate…

Approx. Install time: 2 to 3 days

Cost: Starting at about $30 per sheet

Durability: 10 to 20 years if well cared for

You’d be amazed at the color and style choices of laminate that are available now. You’ll find everything from solid colors to granite and even geographic designs…options to suit a variety of tastes. It’s very likely you’ll find the perfect choice that will fit in well with your existing decor.

While laminate can be a little intimidating, it’s very DIY friendly with the right tools and knowledge on hand.

The web is filled with plenty of articles and videos from both pros and novices who share their knowledge and experience of working with laminate. If you’re still uncomfortable trying it yourself, the price of having it installed professionally will still be much less than having an entire kitchen remodel done.

2. Concrete

Found in many upscale homes, concrete is both beautiful and durable when cared for properly.

Approx. Install time: about a week

Cost: Starting at about $300 to $500

Durability: Stains easily, but will last a long time

Concrete countertops can be messy and take longer than laminate but the finished product is sleek, strong and beautiful.

While not physically difficult to do, there are a lot of different steps involved, so if you’re a novice DIYer you might want to sit this one out and hire a pro.

But, if you feel confident enough to give it a go yourself, learn the different steps and take them one at a time.

3. Granite Tiles

Approx. Install time: A few days

Cost: Starting at about $7 per square foot

Durability: Will last a long time but the grout will need to be maintained to keep its beauty and function

More affordable – and lighter – than a granite slab, granite tiles can make your countertops pop.

Other than using a wet-saw to cut the tiles, the process of installation will be the same as any other tile project.

4. Contact Paper


Forget the contact paper of your childhood…there are many different color and style choices of contact paper to choose from.

Approx. Install time: An afternoon

Cost: Must less than $100

Durability: Not a long-term solution

While contact paper won’t last very long it can be a good option for renters or homeowners who aren’t yet ready to remodel but want to improve the look of their kitchen.

5. Paint

Finally, countertop paint is an easy DIY project that can easily and quickly change the look of your kitchen.

Approx. Install time: Less than a week – most of it will be drying time

Cost: From $100 to $200

Durability: Will hold up well, but not as durable as other options.

A search online or a walk down your neighborhood home improvement store will reveal the huge variety of countertop paint options that are available.

Glossy white, gleaming black, vivid reds…you name it, you can probably find the right color, texture, and style for your home.

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