15 Time-Tested Cleaning Secrets Everyone Should Know

Thankfully, there are cleaning secrets that have been passed down through the generations to help us make the dreaded house cleaning chores both easier and more efficient.

Following are 15 cleaning secrets you will find valuable.

1. Tidy as you go

No more Hansel and Gretel with your belongings…if you pull something out, put it right back where it goes once you’ve finished using it.

2. Make do with less

Think about how you can reuse – or use less of – what you already have.

For example, do you have towels that are starting to unravel? Keep them as rags for dusting or polishing. Or cut old T-shirts into strips then braid them into rugs that can be easily washed.

3. Use DIY cleaning products

Mix 1 cup vinegar, water, rubbing alcohol, glycerine and a few drops of lemon oil to wash your windows.

Baking soda works well as a floor, grout and tile cleaner as well as a deodorizer.

4. Deodorize with vanilla extract

Mix a few drops of vanilla extract with water into a small pot of water and cook it on the stove. Add fruit peels such as lemon or orange and cloves if desired to leave your home smelling wonderful. This cleaning secret makes your home smell like a home.

5. Use a damp cloth for dusting

A damp cloth works better than dry one at capturing dust. Add a few drops of essential oil for a fresh smell as you dust.

6. Wax your air vents

Air vents are notoriously difficult to dust. Add a little car wax to them and you’ll prevent the dust from building up.

7. Ammonia and glass

If you’re washing glass dishes by hand add a little ammonia to your dishwater to help them sparkle. White vinegar will also do the trick.

8. Toothpaste and silver

Use white paste – not gel – toothpaste to polish your silver. This is an amazing cleaning secret because it works fabulously.

9. Self-cleaning toilet

Add Borax and white vinegar to your toilet bowl. Let it sit overnight and then flush in the morning. This is very simple cleaning secret.

10. Coffee stains in ceramic mugs

Put ice, lemon juice and salt in your coffee mug. Swish it around and your stains should be gone.

11. Smelly hands

If you don’t want your hands smelling of onion or garlic you can remove the odor by rubbing them in either tomato juice or salt.

12. Grease stains

Grease stains are notoriously hard to remove from clothing and other fabrics. Try using shampoo the next time you get a grease stain and see if it doesn’t work.

13. Prevent mildewed shower curtains

Cut the bottom 2 inches off of your shower liner to keep it from sticking to the tub where mildew often grows.

14. Ceiling fan blades

Use a pillowcase by covering each blade with it then swipe it down the blade, containing the dust within it.

15. Sticky residue removal

Olive oil easily removes sticky substances such as tar from pine needles or even road tar.

Tip: Keep a small notebook on hand with stain removal tips and homemade cleaning recipes so you’ll always know what to do when faced with a cleaning challenge.