Weekend DIY Doggie Door Project

If you’re tired of this everyday routine, a doggie door could be exactly what you need.

Once you have everything you need to begin, installing a pre-fabricated doggie door is an easy DIY project that you can complete in a couple of hours.

Begin by measuring FIDO

The size you’ll need for the doggie door will obviously be determined by the size of your dog. So the first thing you’ll do is determine the specific doggie door size you need.

You can do this by having your dog stand on all fours.

Then measure from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest or belly, whichever is larger, and then add two inches to that measurement.

Next, measure your dog at the widest point. This is either your dog’s hips or shoulders, then add two inches to that number.

Then, find a dog door at your favorite retailer which has the same measurements or larger. This is the perfect dog door for your dog.

Of course, if your dog is still a puppy, keep in mind how big your dog will be when full size. This will make sure you get the appropriate sized dog door.

Also, keep in mind that once you’ve created your dog door any future pets you have should be the same size or smaller than the one you have now. This doggie dog will work for all your pets today and in the future.

Next, determine where you’re going to install the dog door.

Measure from the floor to your dog’s shoulder to figure out how high to mount the door Then mark the door where your dog’s shoulder should pass through. (You’ll use this mark later when you cut out the door.)

Remove the door from its hinges and place on a set of sawhorses. You want these doors exterior side up, before cutting. If your door is plain, without a window or other details, make sure to mark the bottom with masking tape so you won’t cut the wrong end.

Use the template that came with your pre-purchased dog door by cutting it out. Then tape it to the door, lining up the shoulder line indicated on the template with the mark you made earlier on the door.

Make sure the edge of the template is even with the edge of the door to ensure that your dog door will be straight. While it doesn’t have to be in the center of the door, it should be placed at least 3 inches from any edge.

Mark a line around the template, then remove it before cutting.

Time to cut the door

Drill a ⅜ inch hole on the inside of each corner, then use a jigsaw to cut along the outline between the four holes.

Once you’ve cut the hole in the door, dry-fit your dog door by placing the inside frame and flap on the outside of the door. Mark the screw holes for the frame, then remove the frame before drilling the screw holes with a ¼ inch drill.

Following the instructions that came with your dog door, install the exterior frame of the dog door to the outside of the door. Next, install the inside frame of your dog door and flap to the inside of the door.

Finally, rehang the door and enjoy your newfound freedom. Now you can watch your favorite show in peace!

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