For Small Home: Secrets to Make It Look Bigger in a Saving Way

Nevertheless, even when you’re living in a modest space, its environment is extremely important. In other words, you can fully make use of your small home to make the rooms look broader and airy. And this decor still ensures not to cost you a fortune, of course. The article will share good tips to help you do that.

1. Paint Color

Needless to say, the paint color has a lot to do with the senses of viewers. For example, choosing colors for home walls and interiors, homeowners often prefer bright tones such as white, cream, beige, and pastel. These are safe for small home decoration.

However, if you don’t want to make your house look tedious, you can combine bold colors to put an emphasis. If the wall is beige or white, then light brown or buff furniture can be used.

2. The Layout of Home Space

When designing a small house, reasonable and harmonious spatial layouts are crucial. For instance, with long and narrow homes, you should divide the room in length, separating the space into different rooms. Not only can this method make the most of the area, but it also creates ventilation for each space.

Install Mirrors to Get Light and Create Virtual Space

Interestingly, the mirrors become the first solution when designing furniture for tight spaces. They can reflect the maximum amount of light in the room, which brings a sense of large and airy space. Besides, mirrors also work to add light to dark rooms.

Use Wall Patches of Green Tree or Vines

Green space is an indispensable factor for designing small apartments, especially on the balcony wall.

You should not use potted plants to occupy a large area. Instead, let’s take advantage of the wall space on the balcony to arrange a lush corner with small shelves and bonsai. Thanks to this, space becomes fresh, soothing and very suitable for relaxing moments. The arrangement of vines such as confetti, jade, nature, and ivy on the fence increases the green space for the balcony and saves space.

3. Interior Rules for Beautiful Small House

  • * Buy the items you really need with high quality. A premium product is much better, and you can get it at a discount event. It’s wise to invest in things that you can use for the long term to improve your life and bring you joy.
  • * Keep only what you need: Make sure everything in your home is practical. When planning a small home, ask yourself what items you really need, not what others need.
  • * Make a detailed purchase plan: What’s for living room, bedroom, kitchen? Plan and buy only those products. Your house is small so the use of many decorations is not practical. Consider this!
  • * Maximize storage space is the key to expanding a small space. Most small homeowners make the most of space under stairs or roofs to store things.

Rules for Each Room

  • * Living room: For a small living room, a sofa, a small table, and a TV shelf are enough for a pretty space.
  • * Bedroom: A high-ceiling closet is great for your bedroom. This cabinet will accommodate almost all furniture in the room while ensuring aesthetics. Moreover, an intelligent bed with a lower drawer for storage, or a bedside table is ideal for flexible storage spaces.
  • * Bathrooms: Bathroom cabinets are perfect for narrow bathrooms which are difficult to keep clean. You should avoid installing wall cabinets above the sink as they make space feel stuffy.
  • * Kitchen: Above the cooking surface should mount shelves/racks rather than cabinets so that it feels airy and easier to pick up. Obviously, the empty from the shelf/cabinet to the ceiling is often wasted. If you make the cupboard/shelf high to the ceiling, this will be eliminated. You should put utensils above high cooking surfaces to maximize cooking space.

4. Complete Financial Control over Your Home

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