Time on your hands? Why Not Do a Home Inventory?

Imagine how you’ll feel knowing that in the event the worst happens you have the information you need to make a thorough claim of your losses.

Here are a couple of ways you can pull together a home inventory faster than you might think.

Decide on a collection and storage method

There are several different ways to collect and store information about your variables. You can use them individually or in any combination that will get the job done.

  • ⬥ Camera/video
  • ⬥ Notebook or spreadsheet
  • ⬥ Software or application

Document strategically

The most efficient method for doing a home inventory is room by room.

Whichever process you use it’s important to be consistent in your documentation efforts. This will ensure a smoother process and that nothing gets missed.

Turn on the lights and open the blinds as natural light is best and will give you the clearest shots. 

Before taking photos, place a sticky note with the name of the item. Make sure it matches the name you give it within your written documentation.

And speaking of documentation, include the following information, at a minimum:

  • ⬥ Name of item
  • ⬥ Approximate value
  • ⬥ Who it belongs to
  • ⬥ Features of the item (e.g. etched glass, hand-painted trim, etc.)
  • ⬥ Serial numbers (if applicable)

Take more than one photo of each room, from a variety of angles. Alternatively, take video and verbally describe each item as you come to it. 

Begin by taking images from the doorway, from top to bottom. Then slowly turn clockwise, overlapping your images – or video –  to ensure that you’ve covered everything in the room.

Open doors and drawers to photograph or video items within.

Next, scan or make copies of warranties, appraisals, receipts, and/or documentation that will help prove the item’s value.


Organize your documents by item. So for example, if you purchased an expensive camera, keep all warranty information, receipts, etc. together with the information you have on that item.

When creating your inventory list describe the tagging and organization system you’re using. One way is to put each room into a subfolder so that all items that remain in that room will be listed together.

In addition to the main parts of your home include laundry room, storage, utility and garage space in your documentation.

Make three copies of your inventory; one to keep on hand, and the others stored safely away from your home (e.g. safe deposit box, family member’s home)

Alternatively, or in addition to the above, save your inventory online, using either an online storage system such as Evernote or Google Docs. 

However, to really streamline the home inventory process, why not use technology? It’s easy to update or start your home inventory by using video and/or photos within HomeZada

Make a game of it with fellow family members; assign each family member a room and see who can add the most items in your HomeZada home inventory for each room. 

It’s true…you can invite as many family members as you want into your HomeZada account. This will create some family fun…and help you update your home inventory in no time!