Tips for Making Your Home a Sanctuary with Japandi

Tips for Making Your Home a Sanctuary with Japandi

If you have been following some hot interior design trends recently, then you might have come across a real superstar in the interior design world – the Japandi style. The name of this new trend is a clever portmanteau of the words Japan and Scandi, and it aims to bring together the best of two very popular design methods that homeowners from around the world and their interior designers simply adore. The unencumbered simplicity of the Scandi design complemented by the comfort and rich beauty that the Japanese approach brings to the table makes for the perfect blend of the things you need, and the things that make your living environment a true safe haven.

20 Uncommon Uses for Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil.

First created in the early 20th century, it would be rare to find a home that doesn’t have this wonder material. 

And it would be equally rare to find someone who doesn’t know that aluminum foil is great for preserving food. But did you know that’s not all that it can do?

4 Home Management Skills To Teach Your Kids

4 Home Management Skills To Teach Your Kids
Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

As a parent, you’re focused on making sure your kids get the education they need to succeed when they’re on their own.

However, you also realize that home management skills are equally important to help your kids grow into productive, independent adults. 

5 Things You Should Know Before You Build a Koi Pond

5 Things You Should Know Before You Build a Koi Pond

Healthy and happy Koi are the result of a well planned, well built Koi pond. Before building your Koi pond do your research and learn everything you can about caring for these beautiful fish.

If you plan to keep Koi, consider the following things:

  1. 1. The size of your pond is important
  2. 2. You need a filtration unit
  3. 3. Your fish will need the right nutrition
  4. 4. You will need to treat for disease or injury on occasion
  5. 5. Water test kits and additives will be required

How to Turn Your Basement into a Media Room

How to Turn Your Basement Into a Media Room

Maybe you’re tired of spending money on cinema trips, or you want to take your Netflix binges to the next level. Whatever your reason is, you know it’s time for a media room. Revamping your neglected basement can be a fun task with the right knowledge and tools. Best of all, you can accomplish the job without spending hundreds or calling up professionals.