Home Styling Starter Guide for Couples

Open Discussion

Talk with your partner about their expectations of living together, and share your expectations. How much of your current stuff do you expect to keep, and what do you need to replace or upgrade? How will you split housekeeping duties?

And don’t shy away from money matters. Talk about how much you two want to budget for home styling, and what you consider as immediate must-haves and what you might be able to save up for.

Take it Room By Room

Break home styling into smaller tasks and concerns by approaching it room by room.

Bedroom: What you two will sleep on is an important consideration. Most couples sleep comfortably on a queen, but if you have the room and budget for it, you could splurge on a king. If one of you likes a soft mattress, and the other a firm mattress, consider a split mattress that lets you customize each side. While split king mattresses are the most common, you can also find split queen and split Cal king mattresses.

Bathroom: One of the classic trials of a couple’s love is sharing a bathroom. Communication helps—discuss shower schedules, cleaning duties, privacy expectations, and what you’re willing to share and what’s strictly yours. As does an organization system—label which shelves of the medicine cabinet are yours, clean small messes when they happen, and always put your stuff back in its designated spot when not in use.

Kitchen: The two of you likely have redundant cooking equipment, so expect some light purging. Discuss organization systems (Where will you keep the spices? What goes on the high shelves?) dishwashing duties (you might be surprised at how much people can disagree on how to load a dishwasher) and cleaning schedules.

Living Area: Your living area is one of the greatest areas of self-expression, so it might be an area where you and partner clash on ideas. Work toward something comfortable for both of you—especially on shared items like the sofa.

Private Spaces: Healthy relationships allow you the room to be alone, so it’s a good idea to reflect that in your living space. It doesn’t even have to be a whole room—maybe you want your own reading nook in a corner, or your partner wants a table set aside for their craft hobbies.

Shop Together

One of the easiest ways to head off decorating disputes is by handling all the shopping together. You don’t even have to leave your home—you can hang out on the couch while surfing the web for decor.


Relationships are all about it. While this can mean reaching an agreement, you can also try switching off on decisions, such as your partner getting to pick out the sofa while you get to choose the kitchen table.

Talk Dealbreakers

Maybe you refuse to have a neon decorative sign in your bedroom, or your partner won’t have anything to do with orange furniture. Give each of you the power to veto one or two things you just can’t live with.

Take Your Time

Aside from the basic essentials like a place to eat and sleep, you can take home styling at your own pace. If you and your partner can’t see eye to eye on something, let it lie for a few days before you get back to discussing it.

Have Fun

Decorating a shared space should bring you joy, not stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or bothered by something, take a moment to sit down with your partner.

If all else fails, remember that your home’s style isn’t set in stone, but something you’re meant to adapt and update throughout the years. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time.