5 Ways to Create “Cottage-Style” Vibes in Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy that feeling every day?

You can! Here’s some inspiration to help you get started.

1. Create the perfect entrance

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
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What could be more inviting than a beautiful glass door behind an intricately designed screen door that begs to be opened?

The windows allow sunlight to stream in, lighting up your interior space with a warm glow. If you prefer, privacy curtains can be used, which also helps you regulate your home’s interior temperature.

The warm wood floor, combined with the wooden door, screen door, and detailed molding, each painted a lovely shade of white adds a touch of elegance to this entrance.

2. Don’t forget the porch

If you’re fortunate enough to have a porch, then creating the perfect cottage feel to your space isn’t difficult at all.

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
Source: Pinterest

Add a variety of plants that can be grown in pots and do well in shade. Put them in pots that are a mix of different sizes and colors to add to the eclectic cottage vibes you’re trying to create.

And of course, don’t forget the seating.

One or more rockers, or if you have space, a swing will turn your porch into the best place in the house (where everyone will want to hang out).

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
Source: Pinterest

3. Add a stone or gravel path

Add a gravel or stone path leading to your home. Create a storybook feel by adding a mix of different types of flowers and plants, placing them along each side of the pathway. 

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
Source: Chatelaine

Depending on the space available, consider adding a bench, birdbath(s) and lawn ornaments (e.g. a gazing ball) to create a space to relax and enjoy nature.

4. Change up the family space

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
Source: HGTV

Cottage style will make you smile and feel at home the minute you see it. 

To create a cottage feel in your living room add slipcovers to your couch and/or chairs. 

Slipcovers do much more than protect your furniture. They are warm and relaxing…just like your favorite big, fuzzy slippers or stretchy sweatpants. Choose durable materials such as burlap, wool, or linen for long-lasting use. Go with neutral colors in natural materials to create a room that just feels “livable”. 

Add a few pillows and you’ll create a place that will leave you feeling refreshed.

5. Redo your “me” space

5 Ways to Create "Cottage-Style" Vibes in Your Home
Source: IdealHome

Imagine how relaxing it would feel to wake up in such a bright and cheery bedroom!

The beautiful flower-lined walls, matching comforter, and sweet yellow throw combine to create a casual look that begs to be enjoyed.

Wallpaper – yes, even in floral design – is making a big comeback. But it’s not your grandmother’s wallpaper…new technologies have improved the process, from installation to durability (and yes, even removal).

Finally, one of the best things about the cottage style is that there’s no single way to create the look. The only “standard” – if you could call it that – is to create a home that welcomes all who enter.

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