Organize Your Mind and Home


One great way to get a head start on becoming organized is to sort yourself out. As things pile up in your mind, things will pile up in your house and in your life. So begin with your own thoughts. Many people find success in setting aside time in their day to write their thoughts out. You can write out lists of the things you’d like to accomplish for the day, long term goals you have, or anything that may be going on in your life that is causing you stress.

It can be quite therapeutic and cathartic to articulate why something is bothering you. For inspiration or guidance look over some tips on how to start journaling. Once you experiment with these suggestions, you’ll find what works best for you and what makes this journaling time the most effective for you.


One reason things get put off and items don’t get checked off to-do lists is because there is no sense of urgency or specific timeline. While it’s important for your life to have excitement and variety, it’s also necessary to have some sort of routine. Whether you set up a daily schedule or a more generalized weekly schedule, setting up mental deadlines for yourself will help you stay motivated to knock out your chores.

You’re more likely to clean your house if you know you only need to tackle one problem area after work, rather than thinking you have to clean your whole home in a night. Maybe you need to make an actual list to know what needs to get done and free up your brain space.

Write out a to-do list or try an app to organize your tasks. Successfully ticking the boxes off your to-do list each day tends to be very rewarding and motivating for you to continue on. If you find that this type of internal timeline is not motivating enough to spring you into action, consider adding something external to give yourself that added oomph to get going.

Add in a fun night at the end of the week, where you host friends or family so that during the week you know you need to stay on track so that you’re prepared to have everyone over.


Clutter can be one of the most irritating occurrences in a home. A mess, while still annoying, can easily be cleaned up. But clutter requires a little more attention, effort and ultimately a solution. Your home usually feels cluttered because there are too many things out, around, being displayed or without a proper home.

By finding storage solutions for your clutter and giving these necessary items a place to go, you can simplify your day to day as well as reduce your home’s visual stimulation. Don’t leave DVDs stacked on your entertainment center, find them a shelf to live on. And that pile of clothes you no longer wear that takes up space in your closet, consider using a closet cleanout service to sell or donate your unwanted clothing and get rid of the mess.

We also all know the spot where mail tends to get piled up and ignored for a few days before finding its way to the person it was intended for. Find countertop or desk storage solutions that will give your mail a place to be sorted. Scan your home for these kinds of disturbances to your home’s feel. If something looks out of place or is piling up, throw away things you don’t need anymore or find it a place to be stored.

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