How to Make a Portable Home Office

If you’re now working from home – or you just need a place to keep on top of your personal paperwork – here’s how to create the perfect portable home office that will help you get the work done, without missing a beat.

Your office should consist of two basic parts; mobile and stationary.

Mobile Solution

Think about your particular work situation.

Does the majority of your work take place online, with little need to print anything out?

What do you need on a continual basis…files or office supplies? Can you place them in a separate location without interrupting your workflow? If you need to access them frequently think about using a file box that’s on wheels.

Organizing helps such as a scrapbook cart or rolling briefcase could be the solution. Make sure the option you choose has the ability to be used with hanging file folders.

How often do you need office supplies such as paper clips, pens, paper and/or a stapler? If you need them frequently, choose a tackle-box type of storage container that will prevent your supplies from getting scattered every time you move the box.

You can keep this container with the rolling cart, or if you can leave the files in place (but you still need your supplies), try using a lap desk that includes room to store your office supplies.

A benefit of this type of mobile office means that you can tuck your “office” in the corner of any room until you need to use it.

Stationary Solution

Your stationery office will consist of items that you don’t need all of the time to get your work done.

Items that can be placed in this kind of long-term storage include, for example, paperwork such as old tax returns, that you can tuck into a storage box or filing cabinet in a closet, garage, or even under the bed.

Think about where your printer and computer will go. The advantage of today’s modern printers is that many of them are wireless, giving you the option to print from wherever you are in the house.

Don’t forget to decide where your printer supplies such as paper, ink cartridges, etc as well as external storage media such as disks, thumb drives, etc. will reside.

No matter which option you choose for storing your office supplies, keep everything together and store it in the same location every time so you’ll be able to grab it up at a moment’s notice.

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