Organizing Tools for Small Family Rooms

And cleaning the room? Let’s just say you can’t clean clutter!

That’s why you need the following two things, especially if your living room is small:

  • ⬥ Only the items you need, want and use
  • ⬥ A place to put said items


It goes without saying that if you don’t need (or use) something, there’s no use keeping it lying around.

Whether you gift it or toss it, get those things out of your home that you’re not using right now. And don’t get caught up in the idea that “someday I might need this.”

If you absolutely can’t part with something, or it holds some kind of special meaning to you, do the following:

  • ⬥ Pack it up in a box.
  • ⬥ Store it in your garage, basement or attic (or a storage unit) and wait six months to a year.

If you haven’t needed to get anything out of the box (or boxes) while they were in storage, then you know that it’s safe to get rid of them.


And now for the fun part.

Check out these great organization tools that can help you whip your small family room into shape in no time.

Furniture storage

Organizing Tools for Small Family Rooms
Photo courtesy of Home Depot

Ever get chilly watching your favorite movie. Instead of tossing a blanket on the back of the couch (which can make a small space look messy) why not fold it up and tuck it away out of sight?

Organizing Tools for Small Family Rooms
Photo courtesy of Better Homes & Gardens

If you have room for a coffee table, find one that has a lower shelf. Books and magazines can be stacked underneath while small baskets and/or bins can contain items such as the remote control, or those favorite DVDs that the kids love to watch over and over.

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