5 Ideas to Fill an Awkward Space

You might be wondering how to make use of these spaces in your home without duplicating the look of the overflow room of your local amateur theatre playhouse!

It’s possible…just remember, “less is more”!

Thankfully, there are a lot of smart people who have found creative ways to fill their own empty spaces. Here are some of them, broken down by category. (Note: Create your own look using a combination of these strategies)

1. Foliage

5 Ideas to Fill an Awkward Space
Image courtesy Sugar & Cloth


If you love the look of mid-century furniture, here’s a great tutorial by Sugar & Cloth’s Ashley Rose for plant stands that mimic mid-century style.

Hanging planter

Image courtesy: Blog Jungalow

Don’t have the floor room? Then go vertical! Here’s a DIY for a hexagon hanging planter that would work well in a corner. Make several of them using different lengths of chain to create a wall of green.

2. Storage


Image courtesy: Bestshelvingunits.com 

Those empty corners, spaces between doors, and many vertical locations are the perfect place to store items you regularly need but which don’t have a permanent home.

Image courtesy: Y1 Furniture

Think floating shelves, bookcases, and even repurposed ladders.

3. Furniture

Hanging table

Image courtesy: The Merrythought

Blogger Caitlin of The Merrythought, provides a DIY for this creative hanging table that makes use of the corner of her cousin’s room simply and beautifully.

Add a hammock

Image courtesy: A Beautiful Mess

In addition to – or instead of – a hanging table, add a hammock or hanging chair. (Note the tiny little table for your favorite reads!)

4. Built-ins

Image courtesy: Apartmenttherapy.com

A simple shelf over a radiator in a tight corner can be surprisingly versatile. Check out this dry bar in a tiny (sub 600 sq. ft) West Village apartment!

If you don’t have a radiator you can duplicate the look with a small table or cart.

Bench seating

Image courtesy: HuntedInterior.com

If you have the DIY skills, check out the tutorial for this beautiful, functional banquette.

5. Decor

This simple yet functional mirror doesn’t have to be for the bedroom only; it would fit the area under a stairwell, in the corner of a living room…even an entryway.

Use textiles

Image courtesy: Country Cottage Living
Image courtesy: DIY Huntress

Finally, tuck a basket of pillows and/or throw blankets into a corner to add comfort and visual interest. Alternatively, a small ladder or quilt stand can work well too.

Use more than one of these ideas to create a beautiful, functional space that suits your needs and your style!

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