Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas

Nobody wants to move their kitchen appliances around just to clear space for food prep.

As every kitchen is different the solution you’ll come up with to store your small kitchen appliances will be different from someone else’s, but here are some ideas to help get you started.


Before organizing your small kitchen appliances, begin with a good decluttering session.

Clean as you sort through every cabinet, drawer, etc. to give yourself a clean, empty slate when you put the appliances you’re keeping in their new homes.

Be brutal.

Get rid of the small kitchen appliances you never use, or that still work but are missing features (e.g. knob broken off). Keep only what you use on a regular basis.

Choose your winner(s)

Now that you’ve only kept what you use, pick out the appliances you use daily. These will be the winners that you’ll allow to take up prime countertop real estate.

For example, do you use your coffee pot every day? Keep it, together with your coffee pods, or ground coffee, sugar, creamer, etc. in a location that’s easy to reach. 

Tip: Consider getting a lazy susan that’s large enough to hold everything you need to make that vital cup of mornin’ joe!

Store everything else

Store those kitchen appliances that you use a few times per week (but not daily) in a location that’s not hard to reach such as a kitchen cupboard or on top of the refrigerator.

Less frequently used items (e.g. ice cream maker) can be stored in harder to reach places in your kitchen or elsewhere in your home, closet, garage, etc. 

When organizing your small appliances, make use of every square inch of space. Use organization tools that fit your drawers, cupboards, etc. without a lot of empty space.


Homeowners and builders alike have come up with creative solutions for storing small appliances in tiny kitchens. Check out these ideas for inspiration when organizing your own small kitchen appliances.

Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas
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Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas
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If you have the floorspace, a moveable island is a great option for storing your small appliances

Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas
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Finally, free up space in your kitchen cupboards for your small appliances by moving their contents to the vertical space in your kitchen.

Small Kitchen Appliance Organizing Ideas
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