A Secret of Organized Families Everywhere

No more missed appointments, forgotten science projects, and “last minute car key hunt!”

What do I need for a command center?

You may already have everything you need for a command center, but the items may be spread out across the house.

Bring together all of the following items in a central location where you’ll be greeted with it every morning and evening.:

  • ⬥ Pencil holder
  • ⬥ Tray, bin or table for mail
  • ⬥ Shelf or ledge for miscellaneous items
  • ⬥ Chalkboard, chalk and eraser
  • ⬥ Cork or magnetic board
  • ⬥ Push pins or magnets
  • ⬥ Hooks
  • ⬥ Calendar
  • ⬥ To-do list paper tablet with tear-off sheets

One of the best things about creating your own family command center is that you can tailor it to your own individual needs!

To help inspire you and give you an idea of what’s possible, take a look at the following family command centers that other families use.:

Keeping it vertical

Meredith of UNORIGINALMOM created a family command center that uses mostly vertical wall space. Personal touches and bright colors make this a command center that’s hard to ignore.

Sunny and bright

The Homes I Have Made blogger Megan shared her beautiful, perfectly coordinated family command center…complete with matching yellow flower file folders!

Simple and elegant

Of course, you don’t have to go with bright, vivid colors. There are plenty of ways you can create a minimalist command center…kind of like this one.

A Secret of Organized Families Everywhere
Source: pinterest

Black and white

Or this one that takes up an entire wall in a cohesive black and white theme.

Want to DIY Your Own Family Command Center?

Check out this useful tutorial by Momontimeout. Using easy to find materials, blogger Trish shared how she created this simple and functional family command center that helps keep everything running smoothly.

Whether your household is running smoothly or not, a family command center is a useful tool that families everywhere are using to make sure appointments are kept, bills are paid and items aren’t lost. 

If you’ve yet to create one for your family…or the one you have could do with some tweaking, what are you waiting for?

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