How To Include Nature in Your Home’s Interior Design

How To Include Nature in Your Home’s Interior Design

In a tech-centered time, many people feel disconnected from reality. If this describes you, it’s natural to rebel against the intangible digital world by bringing bits of solid earth into your home to compensate. Iron, wood, bamboo, shells, plants, and more ground your home in this way. To uncover how to include nature in your home’s interior design, consider these three possible features.

Set Up an Indoor Fountain

Flowing water is a hallmark of natural life—rivers, lakes, and other forms feed the trees and animals around them—but bringing it into your house is a challenge. You don’t want to risk an unfortunate spill, so you avoid any water feature beyond a fish tank. With the range of indoor fountains, though, you should really reconsider. There are small tabletop fountains that bubble water over rocks all the way up to massive, floor-length waterfall mirrors. Including these touches of water introduces a sense of profound peace. Plus, you get your very own soothing background noisemaker.

Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home

Wood is a natural material with inherently warming tones. Unsurprisingly, there are tons of ways to incorporate wood into interior design. We suggest incorporating wood with a more layered past life—reclaimed wood. By repurposing cast-off wood doors, dining tables, or other items, you gain their aged, unpolished woodiness as well as the intrigue of who used them before.

Get Living, Photosynthesizing Plants

Our final way to include nature in your home’s interior design is to get real, living things. Cats and dogs make poor décor, so get a more obedient decoration—a plant or two (or three). Watching and fostering a plant’s progression over time is beautiful. Plants fight against a feeling of interior design static as you watch them grow bigger and bloom. The shock of green and other colors enlivens your home’s look, too, providing bold focal points and even striking up conversation.

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