A New Shade of Green: 7 Eco-Friendly Additions for Your Master Bedroom

A New Shade of Green: 7 Eco-Friendly Additions For Your Master Bedroom

If you’ve re-arranged your furniture to no avail or regularly wonder why you painted your walls such a bright shade of purple, it may be time for an extreme room makeover. Between cluttered surfaces, dim lighting fixtures, and mismatched patterns, an out-of-touch master suite can feel foreign without proper sprucing. Revitalize your space and feel at home once more by switching up the scenery and replacing outdated features.

Before you dive head-first into new-and-improved decor and furniture, consider eco-friendly options that will amp up your space while benefiting the planet. Environmentally conscious brands create modern, fresh pieces out of recycled material, effectively reducing waste and pollution without compromising design. From flooring to furniture staples, eco-friendly brands have it all and are ready to help you tackle your master suite makeover. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the following ecological additions perfect for you and the environment.

Organic mattress

Most conventional mattresses contain plastic from PVC or flame retardants, which hurt the environment and your physical health, especially if you have sensitive skin or respiratory issues. However, alternative organic mattresses feature all-natural materials manufactured without harmful chemicals, making them non-toxic and environmentally friendly. If you’re interested in taking the organic mattress route, consider a memory foam mattress for maximum comfort and sustainability. 

Eco-friendly sheets

To bypass harmful chemicals found in traditional bedding, opt for sheets that are 100% organic cotton, linen, or hemp to eliminate toxins and reduce waste. Additionally, keep an eye out for stain-resistant, no-iron, or fire retardant bedding, as these treatments utilize toxic chemicals, ultimately harming you and the environment. 

Curtains and blinds

Using curtains and blinds instead of a costly thermostat to control indoor temperatures is an excellent way to reduce your energy consumption in style. Vibrant-patterned insulated curtains keep heat out in the summer while trapping it in the winter, and new-and-improved blinds can control how much heat and light seep through your window. Maintaining your room temperature with window coverings instead of heat and air conditioning will ultimately reduce costs and help the environment.  

Sustainable furniture

Buying brand-new furniture can be expensive and taxing on the environment. Instead of forking out the big bucks for a mass-produced vanity table, sift through your local consignment stores to find vintage, sustainable alternatives. Purchasing used furniture and upcycling it to fit your needs is a unique way to spruce up your interior with one-of-a-kind eco-friendly designs. However, if you must buy new furniture, opt for pieces made of sustainable materials, such as bamboo and recycled wood, to ease your uneasy conscience. 

VOC-free paints 

Everyone knows that pungent fresh paint smell that lingers long after the completion of your project. The stench comes from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dangerous chemicals found in many paints. When searching for the perfect accent wall color, choose paint with low-VOC or anti-VOCs to protect yourself from chemical exposure and make a more environmentally-conscious decision. 


Lighting is an essential part of your bedroom’s atmosphere. However, with the wrong fixtures and bulbs, mass amounts of energy can be wasted, cranking up your bills and increasing harmful emissions. Instead, opt for energy-efficient LED lights to save money while being conscious of environmental factors. 

Natural scents

Typical air fresheners are full of artificial toxins and chemicals and usually get discarded after one use. The chemicals in air fresheners can cause several health problems, from migraines to cancer, and they pile up in landfills, creating unnecessary pollution. Switching to all-natural scents and incorporating them into your bedroom are ways to keep it eco-friendly and toxin-free without compromising sweet-smelling aromas. 

Wrap up

Before you fall victim to environmentally harmful, mass-produced interior furnishings to spruce up your master bedroom, consider a more eco-friendly route without compromising style and taste. Green decor is fresh and modern, keeping you and the environment happy and healthy.

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