5 Ways to Store Your Bulk Buys in a Small Space

5 Ways to Store Your Bulk Buys in a Small  Space
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Who doesn’t love a great bargain?  

After all, when you use a lot of something on a regular basis it just makes sense to buy in bulk. But if you’ve got a small space it can be a challenge finding a place to store that big box of 48 toilet paper rolls!

1. Bins and baskets

If space is at a premium in your home, it makes sense to use bins and baskets to store extra items such as toilet paper, paper towels and feminine hygiene products.

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Image courtesy: Pinterest

2. Shoe organizers

These are great organizing tools for other things, so why not toilet paper? Hang it up in your closet and you’ve instantly tucked away your surplus toilet paper in a very small space.

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3. Beverage dispensers

Surplus laundry detergent? Those big containers can be quite heavy and take up a lot of space. Why not add your liquid cleaning products to clear beverage dispensers with lockable spouts – and tidy your laundry room at the same time.

4. Bulk dispensers and containers

Purchasing dry food staples such as rice, flour, sugar, etc. is a great way to save on items you frequently use, however storing them in their original containers can take up a huge amount of space.

Bulk dispensers keep these items within easy reach while taking advantage of vertical space, an often ignored storage solution.

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Another option; use glass jars with tight sealing lids to store smaller quantities in your cupboard or on your countertop for handy access. Then, place the remainder in another location such as under the bed or in a closet.

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Don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy glass containers? Simple mason jars can do the trick!

However, if you’re using glass containers for bulk spices be sure to label each one…after all, most people prefer a dash of cinnamon (not cumin) in their morning bowl of oatmeal!

5. Over the door organizers

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Like the wall mount bulk dispensers above, an over the door rack can be a good way to take advantage of vertical space. And over the door organizers come in a variety of sizes making it easy to find a storage solution that will work with your bulk purchases.

Tips and other storage locations

Other storage locations include under the bed, in a garage or backyard shed and even in a piece of furniture such as an ottoman or trunk that doubles as coffee table.

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Be realistic in what you purchase. For example, if you’re the only one in the house who eats yogurt can you really finish off that case of 48 yogurt containers before they spoil?

Keep a food diary for a few weeks. Simply track what you eat and how often to help determine what you can sensibly use up without causing waste. If you have to toss out half of the bulk purchase you made because of spoilage you obviously didn’t save money, right?

And knowing this will help you decide what you should – and shouldn’t – buy in bulk.

When it makes sense, remove things from their original packaging in order to condense the room they take up.

Finally, keep an inventory of what you have on hand. Take a look at it before shopping to avoid purchasing more of something you already have plenty of.

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