Ways to Divide Your Room to Appear Bigger

Ways to Divide Your Room to Appear Bigger

With room dividers, you can easily switch the layout, maximize storage space, or revamp the look and feel of your room. Room dividers provide both practical and decorative purposes. They are used to partition a room with the aim of creating space, establishing some privacy, or storage arena for certain paraphernalia. There are several ways to divide a room,  irrespective of your aim. It is, however, worth noting that some divider ideas are more suitable for specific purposes than others.

Living spaces, more often than not, don’t come with ample of space as we would have wanted. We are always looking to find a balance between storing our personal belongings and easier movement and aesthetic preference. Although it is not necessarily your room is small, you could just wish that the space were better optimized to fit personal needs. But the changes we can make are often limited; this is when room dividers provide a practical and more efficient way for managing space

Below are some of the ways to divide your room and make your space feel bigger–and also stylish.

Folding Screen

Folding screens are one of the most convenient and easiest methods of partitioning the room. Although It is more geared towards creating a sense of privacy than creating an illusion of space, its freedom and  flexibility comes with an excellent utilization for creating space.

Being able to choose between privacy or creating more space for yourself or guests cannot be underestimated which explains why they remain a very popular choice for creating demarcations.


Shelves are amongst the most common ways to divvy up a room. They are a great way to create a sense of large space with an open furniture plan using cabinets and bookshelves to partition areas and sections of the room. They give room for lightening and air which prevents the room from feeling clogged.

It goes without saying to ensure the use of subtle colors with a good color scheme or palette. Beyond stylistic reasons, deep and bold colors can make a room appear dense and busy; both of which make the room clogged and


Wall and indoor plants are often used together with cabinets  and shelves to create a crafty and stylish division of the room. The leaves of the plant intertwine along the boxes of the shelf to create a lush greenery display.  The space allows for light to fill the room and ensure an airy living space.


As one of the traditional room dividers, curtains still remain an elegant,fluid  and flexible way to divide spaces. They are perfectly suitable when you are going for a minimalist and open-floor design. The color and patterns play important role in the look and feel of the room

Color Scheme:

One way to divide up a room is to use different colors for each section. Using different colors to demarcate different sections of the room is a very stylish and elegant way to divide the room. Be sure to use a very light color with bright accents to not appear too busy.

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