HomeZada Launches Document Scanning Features

Keeping track of all your tasks, projects, expenses and inventory for your home usually involves a lot of paper records such as receipts and invoices which tend to get lost or thrown out. HomeZada now makes it very easy to use your phone to scan and save those important records about your home. Here are the simple ways these new document scanning features work.

Documents Tab

All major features in HomeZada have a tab called “Docs”. This includes every Inventory Item, Space, Maintenance Task, Project, Project Item, Mortgage, Insurance, Contacts, and the Property Details. These are the places where HomeZada will save your home’s important documents.

Mobile Document Scanning

Download the latest HomeZada App from the Apple or Google Play store which now includes a Document Scanning feature. With an Apple mobile phone, navigate within the HomeZada feature you want to place a document in and click on the “Docs” tab, and then the “Doc Scan” button. This opens your camera where you can use the onscreen red box outline a piece of paper such as an invoice or receipt which scans the paper document and automatically uploads it. This is similar to scanning a QR code.

With an Android phone, use the same process to navigate to the “Docs” tab and click on “Detect Text in an image upload” and then the teal box above it that says “Add a Doc” .  Choose the phone’s camera to take a photo of the paper document which also automatically uploads it and extracts the text from the photo for future searching capability.

HomeZada Launches Document Scanning Features
Scanning a document using your mobile phone in HomeZada

Detect the Text

If you click this option, not only will HomeZada save the document in your gallery but it will also detect and extract all the text it finds on the paper document and save it. This makes it extremely useful when you want to find previously scanned documents. Remember HomeZada has a search option to locate details about your home management journey.

HomeZada Launches Document Scanning Features
Saving the text of a document with HomeZada

Search and Retrieve

If you save all your paper documents in a paper folder, you all know how long it takes to go through all those files when you need to find that one receipt for something like a warranty issue or following up with a contractor or vendor. When you use your phone to scan and save all your important records about your home, now you can easily search and retrieve them when you need them. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon from within the main property dashboard of your HomeZada account and enter in key words. HomeZada quickly searches all your homes records and shows you the results. Click on the appropriate result and then on the image and you instantly are provided the document you were looking for.

The new document scanning features with the latest update of HomeZada’s Mobile App makes it extremely easy to convert any paper record about your home into a digital version, upload to your secure account, and instantly retrievable whenever you need it. This works for all areas of HomeZada where there is a “Docs” tab such as inventory items, spaces, property details, maintenance tasks, projects, project items, mortgage, and insurance.

This is yet another way to make home management easier.

Mobile Navigation Tip

When using HomeZada’s mobile app, many times you drill down into multiple pages to get to an inventory item, maintenance task or project. Then you keep clicking the back button to navigate somewhere. A much easier navigation short cut is to use two fingers and swipe from the left side of the screen to the right. An overall navigation menu appears that allows you to jump to any other dashboard. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like. Enjoy.

Swipe left to right with two fingers to expose the navigation menu.

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