11 Easy DIY Yard Art Ideas

You won’t go wrong with these DIY garden art ideas if you’re looking for creative decor for your garden. You can repurpose thrift store items, rocks, and more into crafty decorations for the backyard, outdoor beds, and gardens. 

These unique garden art ideas will not only brighten up your garden, they’ll let you add color and charm to your yard without breaking the bank.

1. Chalk Paint Stenciled Garden Rocks

When stenciled with leaves or other patterns, chalk paint garden rocks become beautiful works of art. Because they’re made with stencils, this garden decor idea requires no artistic skills.

2. Plate and Hose Garden Flower Art

Dollar store plates and an old hose can make a great fence or shed decoration. Follow along with this tutorial to make your own crafty statement!

3. Clay Pot Lighthouse

Terra cotta pots, some paint, glue and a small lantern combine to create a lighthouse to suit any garden landscape. Here’s an easy to follow tutorial.

4. Teapot Bird Bath 

Thrift store items to the rescue again on cutting costs for this unique bird bath. Check out the full tutorial here!

5. Folding strainer flowers

Foldable strainers found from the local thrift store were repurposed to create a bright pop of color. Learn how to get this look for your garden!

6. DIY Gazing Ball

This project will require patience, but the end result is so worth it Check out the detailed tutorial here to create a unique garden ball that suits your garden.

7. Hubcap flowers

A quick and easy project, here’s how to give old hubcaps a new purpose as bright and cheery “flowers” for your garden!

8. “Tire” frog planter!

Tires, rims, garden hose and other assorted materials combine to create this clever planter.

9. Giant Alliums

Use softballs, paint and nails to create yard art that mimics those large, purple, globe-shaped flowers you notice in the spring when not much else is blooming yet; alliums.  

10. Stained Glass Spinner

Not for the faint of heart, this stained glass spinner project will take time to complete, but it’s worth it. Here’s a full tutorial showing you how to create one for your garden.

11. Wire Whisk Dragonfly

Don’t forget your potted plants! This project works equally well with repurposed materials or dollar store items, making it a versatile option for any gardener. As a bonus, it would make a great gift too! 

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