12 Common – and Surprising – Ways to Use Wax Paper

Waxed paper is paper that has been treated with wax to make it water-resistant. Because of its non-stick properties, this paper is used in cooking and food storage.

While this use is commonly known, there are other ways to use waxed paper that might surprise you. Check out these clever ways to use this inexpensive material in your home.

1. Use wax paper to line surfaces and prevent grime

Avoid the nasty chore of cleaning off surfaces with a rag and cleaner and use wax paper instead.

Just line the tops of appliances (hello, refrigerator!) and cabinets with wax paper secured by double-sided tape and you’re done! It works like a magnet, attracting all gunk and grime to it, helping you to maintain a grease-free cabinet top.

Wax paper also works great to line the inside of your cabinets too. 

You’ll need to replace the dirty sheets a few times a year, but you won’t have to worry about the mess building up on your refrigerator or cabinets.

2. Easy microwave cleanup

It happens. You cook something in too small of a container and everything spills onto the glass plate – don’t you hate that? 

You don’t want to have to scrub layers of what would’ve been food off of your microwave. Where does wax paper fit in? Just use a sheet of waxed paper to cover your dishes and you’re good to go!

3. DIY funnel

You won’t have to worry about free-hand pouring when preparing food with this method. Simply form a sheet of wax paper into a funnel that can handle wet or dry ingredients and problem solved.

An added benefit is that you can simply toss the sheet instead of washing it like you would with a regular kitchen funnel.

4. Polishing fixtures

Did you know that wax paper can clean metal fixtures?

Simply rub wax paper across the surface and any marks will be removed and it will keep new ones from appearing for a while.

5. DIY mop

This one is perfect for anyone who has one of those wet-dry mops with the pads and continually has to get new ones. 

Simply cut a wax paper sheet to size, and attach it to your mop. The wax layer will attract dust and grime, leaving your floors clean and shiny.

6. Prevent crystal build-up on ice cream

Don’t you hate opening a tub of ice cream to find that ice crystals have formed on the surface of the ice cream?

The crystals ruin the flavour of the ice cream and reduce the creamy texture to a powdery residue. 

When you place a waxed paper between the lid and the ice cream, you can prevent crystals from forming and keep the ice cream edible for as long as possible.

7. Unstick a zipper

Simply rub the zipper down with the wax paper, and the wax will lubricate the hardware enough to get it to move.

8. Uncorking and re-corking wine bottles

Uncorking and re-corking a wine bottle is sometimes a headache. Corks can be difficult to remove and then getting them back into bottles is a nightmare and you often end up with bits of cork in the wine.

You can avoid this problem by wrapping the cork in wax paper. You achieve a good seal while making it easier to cork and uncork the bottle too.

9. Cleaning your iron

Iron a sheet of wax paper with salt on it. You can use this technique to clean any build-up that has developed on the underside of your iron.

10. Cleaning your can opener

It’s understandable that cleaning your can opener is probably at the bottom of your list of priorities, but just think about how much food fragments and label pieces can get caught between the blades. 

You don’t need need to wash it with soap and water. With a little wax paper, you can restore your opener to its former glory. It is the sticky wax that traps the bits and pieces stuck on the rotating blades of the device, making it easier to remove them.

11. Shiny faucets

After cleaning your sink faucets, rub them with wax paper to keep them shiny. The luster will last about one week.

12. Remove the fat

Float pieces of wax paper on top of soup and other liquids and lift them off to remove surface fat. Fats adhere to the paper. Remove all fat by repeating this process. You can do this when hot, but it is best to do it when warm or at room temperature.

And finally, the amazing thing about using wax paper is that it’s both inexpensive and biodegradable, making it the perfect choice if you’re concerned about the environment.

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