6 Common Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

6 Common Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Have your windows seen better days? What’s going on with your energy bill? If it rises every winter, you should inspect your home for the common signs it’s time to replace your windows. Whether it’s one or all of them, you may need to update this feature of your home to improve its appearance and protect your wallet. Find out how to know if your windows need a makeover.


Windows are supposed to prevent air from coming through your home. If you still feel a breeze when they are closed, that’s a draft. Drafts may be a sign of all sorts of damage. You may have gaps or cracks in your glass or frame, or your windows may be old and outdated. Either way, it’s best to replace them.


There should be a difference between what you hear when your windows are open or shut. Windows should muddle exterior noise so you can be at peace in your home. If they let in too much outside sound, you must replace them.


Visible damage to your windows is a definite sign you should replace them. Cracks may let in wind, water, and noise. Look for fissures in the glass and frame if you are concerned about damage to your windows.


It’s time to replace your windows if condensation collects on them when the temperature changes. This is a sign that your home is losing air through cracks in the window.

Hard To Use

Your windows should be easy to open and close as well as lock and unlock. If you’re having trouble with these mechanisms and cleaning them doesn’t help, it might be time to install new windows.

Rising Energy Bills

Especially during winter, you may notice your energy bill start to rise. While some increase is normal, you shouldn’t see your bill skyrocket. If it does, it may be a sign you’re losing heat through your windows. If you notice any signs of damage, it’s time to replace them and start enjoying energy-efficient models today.

In addition to windows, other damaged things that can raise your energy bill include your siding and roof. Many aren’t sure if it’s better to replace windows or siding first. If you notice common signs it’s time to replace your windows, then talk to professionals about your best options.

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