How To Redesign Your Living Room at An Affordable Cost

How To Redesign Your Living Room At An Affordable Cost

The living space is the area where you’d retreat after a long day at work, welcome guests over, and lounge around during the weekends. It’s the most regularly used space in your home. Because of this, you’d naturally want it to look as presentable and pleasing as possible.

However, with a tight budget, you may think that creating a livable and beautiful living area seems out of reach, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to settle for boring and generic décor when you can scout for budget-fixed living room makeover ideas. 

Steps To Redesign Your Living Space On A Budget

Finding affordable yet quality furniture and home accessories can do the trick if you’re working with a tight budget. Investing in a few durable and stylish pieces will help you transform the look of your area instantly.

If you’ve always envisioned displaying all your classic books in one station, purchasing a quality bookshelf will help you organize your reading materials. For instance, RJ Living’s bookshelves and other similar businesses offer a range of bookcases that can allow you to showcase your favorite reads and collections. You can also arrange your books in a color scheme to perk up your living space.

Apart from investing in quality pieces, below are other steps to take to redesign your living room on a budget:

1. Display Your Collectibles

Inject a feeling of nostalgia by exhibiting your memorabilia, canvas prints, miniatures, handed-down relics, knickknacks, and travel portraits. All these inexpensive décor pieces can make your living room more special and homier. Likewise, displaying your possessions allows guests to get a glimpse of your personality and unique style preference.

Upon decorating your living room, you might realize that you need a few additional display solutions to hold your other collectibles. Suppose you’re currently looking for wall units for your living area. In that case, RJ Living’s range of wall shelves and similar furniture brands have high-quality materials that allow you to exhibit your precious pieces without the visual bulk. Unlike modular units, wall shelves are lightweight, providing an airy vibe into your space. 

Furthermore, to make the greatest impact, arrange your pieces in color, size, or in a specific category. For example, frame your travel souvenirs and put these in a corner. Display your white-and-blue vintage plates in ascending order to achieve visual progression naturally.

Having a theme or storyline using your treasured items is an inexpensive way to create a lasting impression. These displayed pieces can also serve as a conversation starter as guests come over.

Redesign Your Living Room At An Affordable Cost

2. Clear Away Clutter

While rearranging your furnishings, you might discover that some home pieces and décor no longer match your new living room concept. If this is the case, you can either store these in other rooms or donate them. Getting rid of extra and unnecessary pieces allows you to instantly achieve a clean, organized, and refreshing living room. Likewise, by cutting down the clutter, you can give the illusion that your space is bigger.

3. Rearrange Furniture

Before you hunt for new pieces, look around your space and work with what you already have. At times, simply moving your furniture will do wonders in updating the look of your living area.

After organizing your collectibles, call a friend and start pondering about furniture arrangements that are ideal for lounging. You may arrange sectional sofas into groups to create conversation areas in your living room. If you have a small living area, make sure not to cramp this with random furnishings. Instead, think about scale and display home furniture that can help you get the most of your space.

4. Add Color

The next step to revamping your living room is to add a punch of color. A new coat of bright paint is a low-cost splurge that can certainly transform your space. You can paint an accent wall in a color that matches your existing furnishings to achieve a cohesive setup.

Alternatively, you can look for a hue that induces different energy once you enter a room. Dark tones produce a relaxing effect while warm shades bring about a vibrant and energetic vibe. However, if you opt for a more convenient option, featuring patterned decorative wallpaper can also do the trick.

How To Redesign Your Living Room
A cozy couch with orange and red throw pillows against curtains and lights.

Additionally, splurging on a few home pieces and accessories allows you to breathe life into your living room. Houseplants, a new lamp, a big rug, and a few colored throw pillows can make a neutral color scheme look more sophisticated and vibrant.

Wrapping It Up

Redesigning your living room at an affordable cost is made possible by planning and taking advantage of your existing decor so you’d end up with a gorgeous space like how you’ve envisioned. Apart from displaying your treasured pieces, a few tweaks in the color palette and furniture layout can allow you to achieve and enjoy a stylish space on a fixed budget.

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