Signs it May Be Time to Replace Your Home Appliance

Few things are as frustrating as having a major home appliance suddenly stop working.

Whether it’s a malfunctioning HVAC system in the middle of July or a broken dishwasher after Thanksgiving dinner, a failed home appliance can mean a lot of hassle, not to mention the cost to replace them!

Fortunately, you can recognize a few signs of issues and prepare for what could be a costly repair or, at worst, a replacement.

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Ep 003 – What is a Home Inventory and Why You Need One?


Welcome to the Be A Smarter Homeowner Podcast, today your hosts John Bodrozic and Beth Dodson are focusing on what a home inventory is and the reasons why they are recommended. As a homeowner, you may have not even thought about doing an inventory on your home, but if you need to make a claim it can be very helpful. Not just for insurance claims, home inventories become handy in managing money and estate planning as well. Tune in to this episode to get organized on maintaining and protecting your largest asset and expense, your home.


  • [01:00] What does it mean to take a home inventory and what should you record?
  • [04:29] Beth gives advice on ways of doing inventory on the items in your home depending on what has value and is important to you, i.e., photos, video, and spreadsheets
  • [06:35] Different tools and ways to take your home inventory
  • [13:00] The importance of a home inventory to ease insurance processes and claims
  • [21:35] Using tools to create a better relationship between consumer and insurance company and evaluating your insurance policy
  • [27:00] Home inventory for estate planning, trusts & wills


  • There are many different ways to take your home inventory and different things to record- make sure to record what has value to you personally
  • Updating your home inventory is important, especially after remodels and updates- this includes updating the value of your homeowner’s insurance policy to value these changes
  • Technology can be a big help in the home inventory process in taking video or photos and then being able to record these items digitally- making it easy to submit to insurance companies as needed

Home inventories can also come in great use if you ever move to a new house- you can manage the move with a moving company more easily

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Ep 002 – What is Digital Home Management?


The Be A Smarter Homeowner podcast is hosted by John Bodrozic and Elizabeth Dodson, the co-founders of HomeZada.

The word ‘home’ means different things to different people. In this episode John and Elizabeth discuss various types of homes, from farms to townhouses as well as all aspects of home management. Home management includes collectibles, the physical structure of the home and keeping track of finances and documents.

To save money and time, a digital home management system could assist in streamlining all home assets in one place.

With a digital management system, you can make the specific decisions for personal home possessions and finances that may be different to your neighbour, and HomeZada could be the solution. HomeZada does the thinking for you and is accessible via your mobile phone or desktop.


  • [01:00] Welcome to be a smarter homeowner podcast
  • [04:00] What does the collection of assets mean?
  • [08:00] Inventory tracking of your equipment and assets
  • [13:00] How many maintenance management tasks does an average home need?
  • [17:00] Maintaining paper documents in the house


  • There are a vast amount of types of homes and a variety of family structures and living situations.
  • There is a wide range of home assets which need maintaining, from collectables to personal finance documents.
  • To save money and time, a digital home management system could assist in streamlining all home assets in one place.


Elizabeth Dodson is a focused technology entrepreneur with successful skills in business development, sales, marketing, and finance. Over 20 years of successful management of revenue producing partners. Great organizational skills balancing multiple roles and responsibilities as an entrepreneur. Drive and increase company revenues and user growth for a consumer technology solution with a partner solution to support the homeowner market.

John Bodrozic has start-up entrepreneur experience beginning with bootstrapping, profitable growth, securing venture and corporate venture funding, acquisitions of technology companies, and selling a business to a publicly traded company.


Digital Home Management

Ep 001 – How it All Started


In today’s episode, Beth Dodson and John Bodrozic share a bit of their background in entrepreneurship and their journey as homeowners. Then, Beth and John explain the inspiration behind HomeZada and what the process was like developing an all-in-one suite of apps to manage your home. Then, the two discuss why they wanted to start the Be A Smarter Homeowner Podcast. Tune in as Beth and John talk about what type of homeowners they typically work with and what you can expect from future episodes of this show.

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9 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Faster

There are a number of things you can do to help ensure you receive the best offer when you’re ready to sell your home and “staging” your home is one of them.

What’s “home staging”?

The purpose of home staging is to present your home in the best possible light. 

This can be done by using your existing furniture in new ways, swapping outdated pieces for show-ready ones, and/or decluttering your home’s outside area in order to focus buyers’ attention on your home’s features instead of any flaws it might have.

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