The Landscaping Features That Harm Your Home’s Value

The Landscaping Features That Harm Your Home’s Value

After improving the yard, go through one more time to ensure the lawn doesn’t have one of these landscaping features that harm your home’s value. Upon removal, the property value goes up, and you give homebuyers a chance to envision their future in every square inch of the house.

Artificial Grass

No one enjoys artificial grass; unless you’re on a mini-golf course, don’t add fake foliage to your landscaping. Artificial grass accumulates odors and toxins that can harm your pets, local wildlife, and small children.

Consider hiring a landscaper to plant grass seeds in the ground and place netting around to protect the area.

Water Features

There’s a good chance you want to add a water feature, but the homebuyer needs to spend their own time and money if they want to remove it.

The downside of water features is they require maintenance, and not many homebuyers want to deal with the upkeep.

Pools and Hot Tubs

When buyers look at a yard, they want to imagine adding their features to make the home feel like their own. Unfortunately, some current sellers find it difficult to remove the pool due to a lack of knowledge or high costs.

However, with the right removal company and renting a disposal service, you can remove the pool without having to spend more.

An Unkept Yard

It’s not a requirement to have a garden, but a well-manicured yard without a serious weed infestation sells. If you decide not to bother with the landscaping and leave your lawn uncut with weeds growing, your value decreases by a few cents each day.

So let’s do our part in maintaining the yard. You can see a dramatic increase by cutting the grass every week.

Our list of landscaping features that harm your home’s value is a glimpse into the changes you can make now to improve your property’s looks and value. By making improvements, you can successfully sell a home for more than you initially asked.

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