How To Prepare Your Home for a Water Emergency

How To Prepare Your Home for a Water Emergency

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Power outages and weather-related crises are most common, but you may experience a water emergency in your area at some point. Don’t be alarmed. Read this guide on how to prepare your home for a water emergency so that you know what to do.

Shut Off the Main Water Valve

The first thing you must do in case of a water emergency is shut off the main water valve. This is the valve that supplies water to your house; it’s usually in the basement or outside. Mark it with tape in case of a power outage. Then, drain all the water from the system, including your hot water heater.

Store Usable Water

Stocking up on potable water—whether it’s bottled drinking water or water for hygiene—is one of the most important things you can do during a water emergency. Be sure to purchase several gallons of clean, disinfected water, which should last for several days to a week. Depending on the severity of the water emergency, you may need to purchase water disinfectant tablets. This way, you can use outside water sources without risk to your personal health or safety. As with any emergency, make sure to also have nonperishable foods, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and other emergency preparedness items on hand.  

Call a Professional Plumbing Service

This may not seem like a part of how to prepare your home for a water emergency, but professional plumbing services are your best bet to avoid future water issues in your home. Naturally, if your neighborhood experiences a natural disaster, this may not serve as a feasible option. However, if your home is the only one affected, there may be a plumbing issue with the main water line, which a plumbing service can fix. Call a local plumbing crew to inspect the area; it will have the tools, knowledge, and experience to handle any water main issues or piping system that’s causing the water emergency. 

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