10 Easy Closet Door Makeovers You’ll Love!

While some homeowners remodel their entire houses, others are perfectly content to change a few cosmetic details here and there.

Even a small project can have a profound effect on your home’s style. 

If you don’t have the time (or budget) to renovate all of your rooms, one simple change, such as a closet door makeover, can make a big impact!

There are some easy closet door renovations (e.g. paint tricks), and others that require a little more DIY know-how. It doesn’t matter which way you go, these closet door ideas are sure to make your room look great!

Take a look.

1. Add sunburst details

To make bifold doors more attractive, add wood detailing. Besides adding an interesting visual element, they will look amazing painted in any color (even white).

Easy Closet Door Makeovers You'll Love!
Image courtesy: Studio DIY

2. Faux panels

To make your plain, ugly closet doors look a little more interesting if you can’t afford to replace them, use paint.

The two-tone effect is a vast improvement and gives the doors a faux panel look!

10 Easy Closet Door Makeovers You'll Love!
Image source: The Sweetest Digs

3. Add trim molding

Panel molding trim and black handles were used to jazz up these slab doors. The result is lovely and they look much more expensive than they were.

Closet Door Makeovers You'll Love!
Image source: Metrie

4. Even the unconventional can be amazing

Having curtains instead of doors in a girl’s room is a nice touch. They can be simple or frilly, and they can be changed frequently. Honestly, I’m considering this idea for my closet!

10 Easy Closet Door
Image source: Driven By Decor

5. Add a touch of flair

It can be so frustrating to deal with closet doors. Use ruffled curtains to change things up and add a little flair. Isn’t this ruffled drape totally romantic? A simple DIY closet door project like this adds even more pizzazz to your closet door makeover.

10 Easy Closet Door Makeovers
Image source: Dorsey Designs


6. From “meh” to “wow”

I’m not exactly sure how to describe these closet doors, but they give off a barn door/saloon type vibe that I love. Their black handles and gate hinges really make them stand out. Stunning!

Beadboard can transform hollow core doors. It’s quick, easy, and beautiful.

Closet Door Makeovers
Image source: Beneath My Heart

7. Barn door style

What’s not to love about modern barn doors? You can install this stunning 4-panel barn door on a small closet with a single door. Amazing!

Pocket doors offer the convenience of sliding barn doors without the expense.

 Closet Door Makeovers You'll Love!
Image source: Deeply Southern Home

8. Craftsman-Style doors

Panels just make any interior door look great. 

This is an inexpensive way to upgrade old, cheap doors. Plain, hollow core bi-fold doors were transformed into gorgeous craftsman-style closet doors using only plywood. 

9. Chalkboard paint encourages creativity

You can create a fun canvas on which to create every day by painting the doors with chalkboard paint.

Turn boring, ugly doors into Graffiti fun for your kids! It’s an easy project, and it’ll boost their creativity.

Closet Door Makeovers
Image source: Wispy House

10. Shiplap French

Shiplap doors with modern handles are perfect for fixer-upper fans. Bi-fold doors were transformed into stunning shiplap French closet doors.

Easily transform bleh into chic with this DIY project.

Closet Door
Image source: Bright Green Door

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