4 Easy Ways to Update Your Light Fixtures

There’s no question, that when renovating your home you can lay down some serious change for new light fixtures.

Fortunately, you can easily cut costs by updating the light fixture(s) you currently have or making over ones you find at your favorite thrift shop.

Whether you’re tired of your current light fixtures and want a change or you want to cut costs for an entire remodel, here are 4 fairly pain-free DIY light fixture makeover ideas that can help.

1. Spray paint to the rescue!

4 Easy Ways to Update Your Light Fixtures
Source: Pinterest

Whenever you have a lighting fixture with chipping paint or a color that is not appealing but has “good bones”, spray painting it is probably your best option.

To pull off this simple DIY project, all you have to do is go to Pinterest and do a quick search for light fixture painting tutorials. Try HGTV’s step-by-step guide, for instance.

2. Switch out the shades

Chandelier stuck in the 90s? It may be time to change the lamp shades. Changing traditional bell-shaped shades for a more contemporary drum shade in a neutral color, such as the one below, can have a dramatic effect.

3. Use a conversion kit

You can easily change the look of your light fixture with lighting conversion kits available at many home improvement stores. Here’s an example where a converter kit was used that made it easy to convert a recessed light into a pendant light.

Source: Hometalk

What about those “Hollywood-style” bathroom fixtures? Yes, there is a conversion kit for those too!

Source: Pancenbagus

4. Go wireless

Finally, you can also add trendy lighting to your home by using a wireless fixture, which you can install anywhere (no wiring, no problems).

Take off your old light fixture, then place the new one right on top of the fixture mounting plate. It’s also a great option for adding light to a room that gets little natural light.

Source: My Wee Abode

Batteries power this type of fixture and most of them come with a wall switch you can use to turn it on or off like a regular light.

Whether you’re selling your home or you plan to live there for years to come, there are many ways to update the lighting in your home without spending a fortune doing it.

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