Common Stone Veneer Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Common Stone Veneer Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Stone veneers are a popular siding choice among those who prefer their own handiwork. While installing stone veneers is simple, human error contributes to common mistakes that often prevent homeowners from having a successful installation.  Read on to learn about the common stone veneer installation mistakes to avoid. Set your stone veneer project up for success.

Not Enough Materials

Common stone veneer installation mistakes to avoid often include an error in the pre-installation stage. Before installing stone veneers, it’s important to determine the correct amount of material your project requires. If you have an insufficient amount of mortar, panels, or other materials, you place your stone veneers at risk of being improperly installed. A helpful way to avoid this issue is to ensure you have a thorough planning process in choosing the right kind of stone veneer for your project.

Unprepped Foundation

The foundation of your installation determines how effective your stone veneer application will be. The surfaces of your stones and the surrounding area need to be routinely checked for debris and dust. Every surface involved in the installation process needs to be cleaned of excess material and moisture to avoid surface damage or the substrate being unable to properly support the stone veneers.

Skimping on Sealant

Applying sealant to stone veneers is a commonly overlooked step. Sealing the surface of your stone veneers is important to preserve their longevity. Skimping on sealant puts the exterior application of stone veneers at risk of weathering and staining without this protective base layer. Sealants should be routinely applied to your stone veneers post-installation to help maintain their quality. Be sure to evaluate beforehand which type of sealant is best for applying to your chosen stone veneer.

Manufactured stone veneer is a game-changer for homeowners who prefer their own masonry work. While the success rate of stone veneers proves their ease of use, it’s best to review the fundamentals of applying stone veneers to avoid these common mistakes during the installation process.

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