4 Steps to a Clean and Organized Garage

Organizing a garage presents some unique challenges: how do you organize cars, toys, sports equipment, beach chairs, and cleaning supplies in one spot?

The garage often seems to be the “catch all” for everything, so it’s easy for it to get cluttered – fast.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone – every household is guilty of storing things in the garage that should go elsewhere.

Ready to finally tackle the garage this spring?

Begin by gathering your tools to make your job easier.

  • ⬥Basket for odds and ends
  • ⬥Large, heavy-duty trash bags
  • ⬥Shop vac and broom

1. Organize garage clutter

Cleaning the floor with a broom or shop vac is a good start. Also keep an eye out for: 

  • ⬥nails and other small objects on the floor
  • ⬥chemical or oil stains
  • ⬥cobwebs
  • ⬥any signs of furry or winged creatures living in your home

Begin the clearing process by putting everything you know needs tossed straight away into the trash.

Doing this means you can avoid worrying about what to keep or what to toss while you’re decluttering – you’ll know that you’ve got to deal with everything you’re looking at. 

And then, before you can organize, you must first declutter, which entails categorizing your belongings into familiar categories:

  • ⬥toss
  • ⬥keep
  • ⬥donate
  • ⬥trash

Begin by removing everything from the space and sort it into zones.

This allows you to see exactly everything you have, including what’s broken, what you’ve outgrown, and what you’re not using. A driveway is an excellent location for this. 

If space is limited, divide and conquer by dividing the garage into zones. Start with a corner of the garage or a type of object (beach, sports, tiny tools, etc.) and gradually declutter.

Haven’t used something in ages and not sure if you still need or want it? Be brutal with your organization efforts…when in doubt, toss it out!

2. Create zones

Ever wonder how home improvement stores can keep everything so well organized?

Because they create zones for their products. You wouldn’t look for a paintbrush in the appliance center, right?

When organizing your garage, think of the items in the garage as products you’re selling. For example, you wouldn’t put the kids’ bikes with your house paint, right? 

Because a garage contains so many various types of stuff, begin by grouping similar objects together.

Sort your things into the following categories:

  • ⬥Automobile supplies (windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze, etc)
  • ⬥Sports equipment
  • ⬥Stuff for recycling

Begin your organization with the zones described above and adjust to suit your household’s needs. The amount of stuff you have for a particular zone, and how often you need to use it will mostly dictate where you store them.

3. Plan your storage needs

Analyze your garage storage area and start putting stuff where it goes. Here are some simple (and free) ways to expand your garage storage space:

  • ⬥Make the most of vertical space.
  • ⬥Use what you have or buy what you need.
  • ⬥If there are children in the house, make sure that harmful objects (chemicals, tools) are kept in a locked cabinet.
  • ⬥Don’t buy an organizing system and then install it to see if it fits all of your belongings when planning your garage storage. Take a cautious approach to storage planning instead. Begin by purchasing some simple garage organizers, such as shelving and a sturdy step stool. Start with the basics and then expand as needed.

4. Maintenance

Finally, the next step is to maintain this organizational scheme by performing a fast sweep as needed, whether seasonally, monthly, or even weekly. Reorganizing your garage twice a year is a decent fundamental schedule.

Because garages are high-traffic places, organizing them regularly will save you time because if a space is organized, it will take you less time to keep it clean.

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