10 Storage Ideas for Tiny Bathroom

It can be difficult to find enough storage in bathrooms, especially if they are small.

Although there are a lot of bathroom storage solutions available on the market, it is important that the storage solutions match the décor and fit neatly in the space to prevent clutter.

You’ll find that your mornings will be less stressful when you have everything organized and accessible.

The smart use of storage in your tiny bathroom will maximize your organization and make it feel bigger with these ideas, ranging from cheap DIY wall shelves to a chic cabinet to cute baskets and organizers.

Design ideas for tiny bathroom storage

Whether you want to completely transform your little bathroom or find new methods to organize and tidy your personal space, there’s a storage option to provide what you need.

You can make an attractive shelf out of a pallet or shop for shelves, racks, and furniture at places like IKEA, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Target to store everything you need in style.

When it comes to bathroom storage, the most crucial tip is to maximize vertical space. 

For example, install floating shelves over the toilet, buy an additional shower rack for your towels, and hang hooks on the door to not only store your bath supplies but also give the area some individuality.

Check out these 12 creative bathroom storage ideas for organizing your small bathroom.

1. Tall bathroom cabinet

A tall and narrow bathroom cabinet can easily fit in nearly any space, providing both storage and a creative way to display your accessories. Experiment with colors for maximum impact.

2. Floating shelves

Easily store odds and ends with an above-the-toilet display case, and take advantage of a space that usually goes unused. 

3. Floating baskets

Neatly store everything from toothbrushes to makeup to skin care products by placing a dividing box above the sink. Organizing this way will eliminate the hassle of digging through drawers for that lotion when you’re running late for work.

4. Small basket organization

Storage baskets are an affordable and stylish option. Arrange them strategically in the bathroom to keep products and accessories organized. For instance, a spacious one next to the sink could replace bulkier shelves.

5. Movable storage

Getting storage solutions on wheels and in a neutral color is a practical approach to make the most of the space you have. A great benefit to this storage idea is that you can move it around the house as needed.

6. Small bathroom organization

Pick a color scheme for the bathroom and stick to it to achieve a polished look. For example, an attractive combination of earthy tones and white creates a relaxing mood and an airy feel to the space.

7. White is always a great choice

If you opt for an all-white bathroom (which is a good idea for a small space) use a storage option that matches. You can use pops of color (like a luscious plant) to break up the visual monotony.

8. Storage within storage

DIY storage ideas don’t have to be extravagant. A few crates hung on the wall can give plenty of storage space for towels and accessories. Tip: To avoid moisture problems, remember to treat the wood.

9. Use matching containers

Having too many colorful toiletries in your bathroom can give the impression of clutter. Instead, for a consistent aesthetic, choose matching containers for your shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and lotions.

10. Extra towel hooks

Finally, add more towel hooks.

Even the tiniest bathrooms come with a towel rack, but adding extra allows for even more order. Towel racks or hooks behind the door are ideal for kids’ or guest towels. 

Another hook benefit? They can be used to hang small baskets for even more storage options.

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