7 Clever Cricut Ideas for Your Living Room

If you’ve ever stepped into a craft store, you’ve probably seen the huge displays for this crafter’s little secret called a Cricut machine.

These handy little machines are great for:

  • ⬥Easy gift making
  • ⬥Holiday decor projects
  • ⬥Party crafts
  • ⬥Home decor

Using these machines, you can create inexpensive, easy, and quality decor, labels, and accessories for your home.

If you have one, I don’t have to tell you that the Cricut machine is a great way to quickly and cheaply decorate your home.

You’ll be inspired whether you’re still thinking about buying a Cricut machine, received one as a gift, or just aren’t sure what it’s capable of!

There are many great living room decor projects you can make right from your own home, using inexpensive materials…all using your Cricut!

Do you see a project you’d like to try? Here, you can find complete supply lists, detailed instructions, and the Cricut Design Space file, along with even more inspirational photos!

1. Vinyl wall decals

Adding sticky vinyl decals to your walls is a quick and easy way to update your home. 

Decals are simple to cut and may be formed into any pattern to make your own unique patterns. 

It’s costly to purchase pre-made vinyl decals from a retailer, so using a Cricut machine can be an economical way to decorate your living room.

You can radically change the look of your space for the expense of only a few rolls of vinyl when you cut your own with a Cricut machine! Look at these incredible Cricut wall decal ideas!

2. Indian-inspired decor


Pillows are always present in living spaces, and the Cricut makes it simple to add any design or color. Animals such as the peacock (India’s national bird), elephants, and cows are frequently employed in decorations.

Look for detailed designs that can be manufactured with bright patterned vinyl for an Indian-inspired cushion cover. Infusible Ink sheets make this an easy project.


Candles are a great way to set the mood in a living room, but luminaries with intricate patterns not only shine, they also look stunning.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to create luminaries, simply use cut out craft board to make them.

In its library, Cricut has some fantastic light projects, or you can design your own!

3. Paper wall art

If you move a lot (or have a small decor budget) you may be hesitant to invest in high-quality statement artwork. 

But the great thing about a Cricut is that you don’t have to be an artist to create some truly beautiful wall art without breaking the budget.

All it takes is some cardstock and a little time to create beautiful artwork for your living room.

4. Stenciled staircase

Like to add some flair to your staircase? Consider painting stair risers with a repeating pattern. Using your Cricut, you can create your own, unique stencils to guide your painting.

5. Modern calligraphy art

Do you want to try out the Cricut Explore and Maker machines’ writing feature? 

This blogger walks you through every step of the process, from designing in Cricut Design Space to lettering with a calligraphy pen.

6. Pillow Covers

Making pillow covers is a great way to use heat transfer vinyl to update décor, add seasonal flair to your house, or make personalized gifts for family and friends.

7. Coffee table trays

The traditional place to serve beverages after dinner was the coffee table (also known as a drink table). Since then, it has become a sort of catch-all in our living room. 

People work, read, dine, and do everything else on a coffee table. 

You can still add a personal touch to your table without adding vinyl directly to it. Just set up a drink tray instead. Add designs of leaves or greenery around a basic wood tray to give it an organic appearance.

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