Why Steel Buildings Make Great Home Additions

Why Steel Buildings Make Great Home Additions

Take the time to look around through new build structures, be it from scratch or home renovations. You’ll surely find a common theme: steel is starting to become a popular choice of material. It’s earning the spotlight in the construction industry, with many clients opting to choose steel as their main frame and structure material of choice. 

This decision is certainly well-founded on convincing reasons. From something predominantly used for garages like these from metalcarports.com, warehouses, and large agricultural buildings, for instance, structured steel components are seen in many residential homes nowadays. Contractors offer this choice to their clients because of steel’s value in function and design. 

Steel buildings are truly a fantastic way to add more space to your home through an extension. And this article explains why.

It Speeds Up Construction Time

In contrast to building by using concrete and timber, steel is undoubtedly faster to work with. It’s because the steel in the construction site for the home addition project is usually prefabricated in the manufacturing plant. 

With this, all that has to be done on the site is to install the ready-made steel into the structure to conform to the building plans. So, if you’re rushing your construction and want the addition to finishing ASAP with little to no delays, then choosing steel will be a good option.  

Its Durability Can’t Be Rivaled

Run a quick search, and this is a fact you’ll know for sure: there’s no way to rival the durability of steel when compared to wood and concrete. Surely, you’ll want your home addition to last a very long time. No homeowner has the time and money to keep going through renovations because the structure wasn’t durable enough to begin with.  

Why Steel Buildings Make Great Home Additions
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Steel has a very high tensile strength, and the fact of which contributes to its durability. It means that structures made out of steel can withstand adverse climates like seismic activities, heavy rain and storm, hailstorms, and even extreme heat.  

And if you live in a hot country, steel works great as your chosen construction material. It’s anti-corrosive and rustproof, so you don’t have to worry about it.

It’s Easy to Customize

Do you have a complicated design for your home addition? Whatever that is, you can count on steel to be easily customizable. It’s easy to work with and customize according to your specifications at the manufacturing plant. When delivered to your site, every piece is already tailored according to what your design dictates. 

For example, modern steel buildings can be made with panels that come in colors, shapes and textures that mimic other materials. You can have it looking like wood, or bricks, if that’s what your home addition’s theme is.  

Because of this, you don’t have to worry about your home addition sticking out from the rest of the structure in a negative way. With steel, you can make your home addition seamlessly match the old part of the main residential building, so you have a look that’s more coherent.

It’s Fire Resistant

It’s not just the natural elements of the weather that are the main rival of steel. You also have other dangers, like fire, for instance. Even if your home is insured, it’s still an unpleasant situation to lose your home to a fire. Timber is nice, but it’s not always the safest choice, for that matter. 

It is where steel comes in as a safe choice, owing to its fire-resistant ability. Should one occur, steel can also help retard the spread of fire from one part of the home to another. You can request your contractor for a special flame-retardant coating to increase more fire-resistant capability steels.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

In keeping with today’s movement to make more sustainable choices even when at home, you’ll be glad to hear that steel is also very eco-friendly. It’s 100% recyclable, and it causes very minimal site impact. If you like to use fully recycled steel for your home addition, you may have that option too. 

Moreover, with steel, there’s less chemical being used to treat it. It is because you don’t have to treat it with chemicals like pesticides, as you would with other construction materials.


As you can see, steel-framed homes and extensions are truly experiencing a boom in demand because of their many advantages. Gone are the days when concrete and timber were the only ways to build structures, thanks to technology. Henceforth, if the prospect of home addition is in the books, you may want to use steel for your home. In making this decision, the most important thing to remember is to be sure you’re only hiring expert contractors. That way, you can guarantee that they know how to use and work with steel to come up with a beautiful and well-structured home addition. 

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