5 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects

You can only improve through trial and error when it comes to DIY projects and renovating. Mostly, if we’re being honest, the error part.

But it’s through little tasks that we learn and improve. Starting off small and purposefully employing someone else to handle the more difficult chores enables you to develop your confidence and talents at the same rate.

This can often entail starting out by making some minor changes and cleaning up to get things going. The bigger remodeling jobs that would have been too overwhelming if you started with them first can then be started. 

It’s a case of “walk before you run”!

Here are five home improvement tasks, ranging in complexity, that will satisfy eager do-it-yourselfers who aspire to be like the pros.

1. Replace the flooring

At some point, flooring might get so soiled and worn out that replacing it looks like the best option. 

Self-adhesive (peel-and-stick) vinyl flooring offers you an easy, affordable, and lovely alternative if you’re sick of your unsightly old floor but can’t afford to replace it entirely right now. 

These tiles are simple to install and are available in so many different styles that you may find exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Update your kitchen lighting

Since the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house, lighting has a significant impact on how you feel in this space. 

The quickest and easiest approach to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen is to swap out the outdated fixtures with new ones with more contemporary or aesthetically pleasing designs.

Consider installing under cabinet lighting above your counters if you’re up for a bigger job. 

Here, better lighting helps with food preparation and lowers the possibility of accidents. 

For a classier, restaurant-like atmosphere, add dimmer switches that let you turn down the lights.

3. Laundry center

Simplify your life and create a laundry center by organizing and lighting the space where you wash your clothes. 

Install a counter with lots of room for folding and sorting clothing. 

To keep your detergents and other items organized, use shelving. To make it easier to see stains, add strong fluorescent lighting. 

Lay rubber floor tile as a finishing touch for improved comfort, decreased noise, and simpler cleanup.

4. Install crown molding

Installing crown molding makes a room look more complete, polished and traditional. Although crown molding is typically installed where the wall and ceiling meet, it can also be used to decorate walls and ceilings.

Select molding in a shade that contrasts with the color of the walls for the most striking visual effect.

Matching the color of your molding with the ceiling can lend a heavy feeling to the room, whereas contrasting colors produce a feeling of lightness and energy. 

Consider which size and style will fit your room the best. For large spaces, extravagant, large molding is acceptable; but smaller rooms look best with plain, slim molding.

5. Partial or Full Bathroom Remodel

Older bathrooms that look tired and worn can look like new with a little updating. Doing things like  updating the bathroom tiles, changing the vanity, or putting in a bigger mirror can do wonders for a bathroom. 

To update a bathroom on a budget, just a few fixtures need to be changed, and a good scrubbing of the tiles and caulking can make them look like new.

For bigger projects, that will take much longer, it’s ideal to have more than one bathroom because you will be without one while the renovation is being done.

Even though you might feel capable of doing some of the work, know ahead of time if the plumbing will be too much and hire a professional. The last thing you need is for a sneaky water leak to cause unseen damage until it shows itself much later.

Finally, start modest with DIY home improvement if you’re just getting started, like painting an accent wall or replacing your cabinet hardware. After you develop your abilities and confidence, you can advance to more difficult tasks like repairing plumbing fixtures.

When choosing which home improvement projects to start with first, keep in mind that not all of them will significantly increase the value of your home. 

Instead, choose the ones that you and your family will enjoy the most.

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